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The ACT Board is made up of the current ACT Officers (see above) plus the Team Leads for our Action Teams. The five Action Teams are Community Center, Arts, Heart of the Lakes Trail System, Skateboard Park, and Discover Downtown.  The ACT Board meets the second Thursday of every month  at 6:00 p.m. at the Southbrook Golf Course. All Board Members Serve Two Consecutive Years; board elections are the last quarter of the calendar year. Anyone who is interested in joining ACT can attend the ACT Board Meeting before they decide which Action Team they would like to join. All four of the ACT Teams are looking for new members.

The Annandale Area Community Team and
The Healthy Communities Partnership

The Initiative Foundation's Healthy Communities Partnership (HCP) program works with central Minnesota communities to engage local citizens in planning for the future. Too often, people feel disconnected and powerless to affect change in their communities, even though many are willing to volunteer countless hours to ensure the success of community projects that interest them. HCP begins by providing one year of innovative training to diverse leadership teams representing four communities, the members of which must be dedicated to involving everyone in building a brighter future for their hometown. Each team is responsible for leading their community through a time-tested process that results in the development of a locally shared vision and integrated plan. From that plan comes a number of goals and projects that require local volunteers and resources to be successful. Selection to HCP is a competitive process; only eight communities are offered the training each year. The Initiative Foundation provides each community with training, technical assistance, resource referral and an initial grant of $10,000. Annandale's HCP Team, now appropriately named the Annandale Area Community Team (ACT), applied for the HCP program in December 2002, and was pleased to be accepted in January 2003. The Annandale Area Community Team began training, along with teams from the communities of Rockville, Sauk Rapids and Sebeka, in February.   









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