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Executive BoardMeeting Notes
June 9, 2005

ACT Executive Team Meeting
June 9, 2005

 Present: Laura Hood Beckman, Renee Cardarelle, Rose Mary Nelson, Maggie Frieberg, Dave Gilbertson, and Connie Allen

 Treasurers Report:  None Have Eric email Treasurers to members who attended the meeting.

 Budget Discussion: Postponed

 Board Discussion: Postponed

 New Student Members:

Ryan Brown -17856 County Rd. 145 South Haven MN . 55382 -  320-558-2375

Jake Sunblad -3665 Pleason AV. Annandale, MN. 55302  - 320-286-6257                      

Nickki Ruprech 8843 -78th Street NW Annandale , MN 55302 320-274-3779                    . 

Motion made by Maggie and seconded by Connie to appoint Jake as student officer. Official vote will be made 3rd qtr. 2005. Rose Mary will contact Jake Sunblad and confirm his acceptance of this new role for ACT as an officer.

 T-Shirts: Rosemary received a quote for T-shirts.  They are white with the red Act logo on the front.   The price comes out to less than $6.00 per shirt.  The new shirts will arrive in time for team members to wear them in the 4th of July parade. Motion made by Renee and seconded by Dave to approve the cost of the T-Shirts,

 Parade: Renee is organizing the parade unit.  All members are invited to walk in the parade.  Renee will let us know where we are in the line up when the information is received. Renee will get the Sign-up sheet sent to the parade coordinator this week.

 Articles of Incorporation: Renee and Rosemary are working on the Articles met after the meeting to discuss further.

 Food Sale at Summer Concert Series: It is not available to sell ice cream this time.  Instead the teams will sell hot dogs, chips and pop.  Maggie will bring a popcorn machine. Dave, and Connie will meet after this meeting to discuss further.  Rose Mary has the banner at Anchor Dock and Lift.  Connie will pick up before Friday evening. 

 501c3: Renee, Rose Mary, & Laura continue to work towards becoming a 501c3.  We need to complete Articles of Incorporation before the 501c3 can be complete.

 Web Site: The Act site will become a part on Annandale on Line.  Minutes from each team need to be sent to Jill Bishop to be posted on the site.  Minutes can be simple with bullet points about what happened at the meetings.

 Team Reports

 A.        Heart of the Lakes Trail Committee: The last meeting on June 6th was well attended and there was good discussion.  Meetings will now be held the 1st Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. at Annandale Care Center.

B.        Community Center: Dave has been leading this group related to Marlenes illness. 

C.        Skate Board Park: Have received an offer from Granite City Ready Mix for concrete at cost.  There is concern in the community about building by the hockey rink. 

D.        Arts & Culture: Sales of raffle tickets are slower than hoped.  ACT members may help sell at the 4th of July celebration. 

The Concert in the Park series begins Friday June 17th.  Concerts except for Orange Whip will begin at 7:00 instead of 6:30.  The group is depending on the other 3 teams to take care of concessions during the concerts. 

The meeting adjourned at 7:45.  The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 14th at Southbrook.

Respectfully submitted by Connie Allen