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Meeting Notes
January 8, 2009

Present: Marlene Young, Andrea Bruton, Laura Hood Beckman, Wendy Webb, Renee Cardarelle, Amy Sparks, Maggie Frieberg.
1.  Marlene made motion/second Wendy to approve minutes.
2.  Wendy made motion/second Maggie to approve Treasurers Report. 
3.  Committee Reports: Arts- raised approximately $1,700 from Holiday Home Tour.  Schedule for 2009 concerts in the park are set.  Amy states she may be interested in leading community theater in the future.  This would be a good collaboration.  Movies in the auditorium are going on which has been partially funded through the Arts.  Trails- need to raise $50,000 for a grant match by June 2009.  Rnee reviewed a variety of fundraising strategies.  Motion by Laura/second by Andrea to allow the Trails group to float money from other groups to cover the start up costs of the Dinner/Dance fundraiser with the understanding that group would seek donations/sponsorships for the event to pay back any money borrowed.
Discover Downtown- Sue attended a Farmers Market Conference and found our market to be of high quality.  Skate board Park- a new volunteer has been referred to Maggie to assist.  Community Center-raising money for a needs assessment.
Old Business: Grant Report mid term in.  Laura to follow up to obtain remaining grant dollars.
New Business:  Eleciton of Officers.  Laura Hood Beckman/Chair 2009, Andrea Bruton Treasurer-2009,  Maggie Frieberg- Vice Chair.  Laura will take notes and send out minutes of meetings at this time.  She will ask for assistance as needed.
Motion made and seconded by Renee and Marlene to complete the Attorney Generals "Charitable Organization Form" and mail in.  Laura will review the form with Mike Nelson, CPA of Miller, Welle, Heiser, complete and mail in.
Marlene will send in the Chamber Membership and Business Expo registration.  Business Expo will be Saturday April 18th.  Each group should be working on what it wants to display.
Next Meeting April 16th, 2009.
Respectfully Submitted
Laura Hood Beckman
ACT Chairperson