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Meeting Notes
July 14, 2005

ACT Team Meeting Notes from July 14th, 2005
(sorry for the delay!)
In Attendance: Rose Mary, Amy, Dave, Marlene, Laura, Renee, Jake, Jeff L.
- Briefly discussed concessions at the Summer Concert Series, moved to Aug. Agenda (needed to talk to Connie)
- Discussed "100 Best Communities" Contest - project for ACT, Kiwanis, Youth First? Deadline was very quick. Renee is looking into this further.
- Read thru revised By-Laws. Approved with changes. Finalize & Signing at Aug. 11th meeting.
- Continued discussion of our 501c3 status. Team Budgets to be brought & discussed at Aug meeting.
- Approved for Arts & Culture dollars to pay roughly $3,000 for a trailer for stage extensions (for the Portable Performance Stage). Cost will be replaced by rental fees.
Next ACT Team Meeting: Thurs., August 11th 6 p.m. Southbrook.