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Meeting Notes
November 11, 2004

The majority of our meeting was filled with a presentation from Barb Carlson, a Development Officer from the Central Minnesota Community Foundation. She was invited to our meeting for us to hear more about what services they provide and what benefits an agreement with them would offer our team. The spoke and answered questions for the better part of an hour. We are carrying this discussion over to our December meeting; we made no final decisions as there were only a small handful of core ACT team members present. But this is an important discussion, so I encourage you to either talk with Rose Mary, Laura, Renee, Connie or I about the CMCF prior to our next meeting and attend that meeting to be a part of any concrete decisions that may be made at the time!

- APPROVED the movement of $16,000+ ACF dollars from the Initiative Foundation to Annandale. Letter of request to the IF was mailed this week.

- Mission Statement options were discussed and have been emailed to the entire team for further review. Final choice will be made at the December 9th meeting.

- Discussion regarding Insurance for the board to be carried over to December meeting. Marlene is working on this.

- Rose Mary announced an Anonymous Donation of $1,000 toward ACT obtaining 501c3 status.

- No treasurer's report as Eric was absent.

- Lastly, we welcomed a wonderful new member to the ACT Team and the Community Center group, Dave Gilbertson.

- NEXT MEETING will be at Southbrook, on Thur. Dec. 9th at 6 p.m.