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Meeting Notes
April 7, 2011

ACT 2nd Quarter Meeting Minutes Thursday, April 7, 2011


Sue, Maggie, Andrea, Wendy, Marlene and Laura

Adjustments/Additions to the Agenda

No adjustments Laura approved, Sue seconded

Secretarys Report

Andrea motioned, Sue seconded

Treasurers report

No treasurers report. Andrea is moving to California and is a little busy right now and will email it out on Monday

Team Updates

Arts and Culture

All concerts are set. The Garden tour is scheduled for Saturday, July 9th and we need 1 more garden. We are working on the Holiday Home tour, Art Sculpture (we have a April 15th deadline for proposals. 2 artists so far), and the Art Crawl will be in October on first Thursday.

Discover downtown  Annandale

There are blue flags on main mainstreet, courtesy of a 500 donation from improvement club to buy them. Joe from the city made the poles for them and they are looking for hinges to keep the flags from folding up on themselves.  The committees focus is on the dining and shopping guide, but it wont be ready for the business expo.  Farmers Market: April 17th meeting and all vendors will come in to touch base. Denny and Julie one of the main producers are not coming back, but Abe and George will be picking up the slack if possible. Maureen applied for a grant to do a mural on the Community Ed building. June 12th is the mural deadline based on the $3,600 grant that was awarded from the state (legacy funds) but there should be around 25 kids helping to get it done. Themes are being looked at right now but it will be some kind of community art.

Skateboard Park

The park is at kind of a stalemate right now and Maggie stated that she is unfortunately unable to keep up with it. Discussion was thrown around about the fundsdo we leave them, invest in a CD, have an article thru the advocate to spark some interest again, try to get more committee members. Maggie will try to get an article going again in the paper and perhaps even collaborating with the beach revitalization Committee.  May 7th to May 24th is hopefully when some action will be taken.

Heart of the Lakes Trails

Renee Cardarelle not in attendance.  No updates.

Community Center

In hibernation right now.  The committee will follow up with Dan Frank to see what to do about our dormant funds.

Beach Revitalization Team

Met tonight to gear up for the summer. June 13 August 18 the beach house will be open Monday  Thursday,  Noon to four. They will continue with concessions, candy, pop and water but get into some ice cream treats and maybe sell goggles and sun screen. The committee will continue to keep selling beach towels and hats for fundraisers. There a re plans to paint it this spring (white with green trim to match the other buildings).

Old business

Nothing to discuss

New Business

a)      Treasurer Vacancy

No takers right now. In the interim it will be Marlene and Laura as a back up.

b)      Business Expo Saturday April 9th

Wendy, Robin and Charlene will be there to hand out Summer Concert brochures.  Marlene will have stuff for the beach committee as well as ACT brochures.

c)       Discussion Items

No discussion items

Agenda items for next meeting

            Next meeting is July 7th, 2011 6:30 at Southbrook. Wendy motioned to adjourn. Sue seconded it.

Respectfully Submitted,
Wendy Webb