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Meeting Notes
November 10, 2005

Meeting notes for ACT
November 10, 2005
6 p.m. at Southbrook Golf Club

In Attendance:

Rose Mary, Maggie, Eric, Laura, Ryan, Marlene

Treasurers Report:

Footnote Eric will be reconciling with the city on a quarterly basis.
Budgets are all in and will be approved at the January meeting.
Note: at the January meeting discuss what the budget numbers mean to each group.  2006 Initiative reports are due in the 1st quarter.

Nomination Form:

Filled out and filed.

Skateboard Discussion:

Maggie gave a status report last opportunity to meet was when we asked city for approval to bid on equipment.  Hockey location fell through Notified by Hockey group next to rink would not work unless concrete slab was poured.  Hockey has a lease for 99 years to have the rink on school property.

Maggie still has a passion ridiculous we dont provide this for our kids.

Convinced school board members to put it on school property. Maggie met with Mary, Steve and Myron and got a NO! feeling.  Laura feels it makes good sense to have it there.  It could be a short-term site until community center is complete.

Mobilize kids and the money they earned.  What message does that send?  Getting kids focused.

Communication Plan

Maggie will put together a survey to be done one week between now and the Holiday break.  Have the kids answer the survey during Home Room.

These were some suggested questions.  The survey will be important for our visioning.

January meeting Step 2. Whats next after survey?

Upcoming ACT meeting: