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Heart of the Lakes
 Trail System
Heart of the Lakes Trails Connecting the Community

Renee Cardarelle, Chair - tel. 320-274-6403,


We are dedicated to the development of an extensive trail system 
in and around the Annandale area that will provide for 
the health, safety, and recreation needs of the community.

The Trails Committee meets the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at Southbrook in Annandale. All are welcome!

This trail system concept is designed with the goal of meeting the needs of the local community and of connecting the community:

  • To local resources

  • Parks

  • Lakes

  • Schools

  • Other Trails

  • To other communities

There are a number of benefits to trails systems that would directly impact the Annandale area, including:

  • Increases the health of the community

  • The safety of the community is enhanced

  • They build a sense of community by bringing people together

  • They preserve open spaces

  • They help grows the Local Economy

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2009 Meetings:
January 15  Feb. 12  March 5  April 9  May 14  June 11  July 9  August 13

Coming Soon: Heart of the Lakes Trails

The Annandale area will soon have an exciting new safety and recreational feature, a new biking and walking trail along County Road 38/Harrison Street.  This beautiful trail will provide year long opportunities for bikers, hikers, in-line skaters, runners, and walkers.  In addition, the trail will potentially be used for cross country skiing.  The hope is that this trail will someday connect to others to form a system of trails throughout the area.  Trail construction is slated to begin in summer of 2008.

The trail idea was developed out of the 2001 visioning session held by the Annandale Area Community Team.  At this session community members expressed a need for more biking and walking trails, especially along major roads such as County Road 38.  The Heart of the Lakes Trail Committee was developed after this visioning session to explore options for trails.  Their first order of business was to connect with as many local community members as possible and begin the development of a trail system concept map. 

Community members identified County Road 38 as having a high need because of the growing number of housing developments for families along the road which is very narrow.  In the past few years there have been several bike/car accidents along this route, two of which involved children.  After the need was identified, grant writing was undertaken to find the funding for the trail. 

Through the support of the city of Annandale and the city engineers, Bolton and Menk, the Heart of the Lakes Trail Committee has developed and submitted a grant proposal to the Federal Transportation Department each year for the past three years.  The most recent proposal submitted at the end of 2006 was selected for funding in the amount of $176,386 and will fund a portion of the proposed trail.  Local matching dollars will be raised to develop additional trail length and potential rest stops.

Nationally the movement to provide alternative transportation routes is growing, especially in result to the obesity epidemic.  For example, in Minnesota the need for alternative routes for children to get to school, resulted in the transportation act SAFETEA-LU being signed into law on August 10, 2005 .

According to Rene Cardarelle, Chair of the Heart of the Lakes Trail Committee, Biking and walking trails are important for communities for many reasons.  They provide safe alternate transportation routes for people to reach town and for children to get to schools.  Biking and walking paths also build stronger and healthier communities by providing places for people to exercise as well as a place for neighborhoods to interact on a social level.

Since 1998, The Federal Transportation Equity Act requires that a portion of all transportation dollars go to alternative transportation such as biking and walking trails.  Each year grant proposals are accepted for this funding with local communities matching 20% of the Federal dollars being granted.  Trail committee members will work with the local community to raise the matching dollars.

The dollars secured by the Heart of the Lakes Trail Committee will be administered through the City of Annandale and will be used to create a 10 foot wide trail along County Road 38.  Future plans include running the trail along Nevens Avenue and eventually joining it to an existing trail on the North side of Pleasant Lake.  If you would like additional information on the development of trails in the Annandale area you can contact Rene Cardarelle at 320-296-1840.

Extensive work has been done with community members, local government, and volunteers to determine the location of this bike/walking trail. A preliminary concept map has been developed, however this will continue to develop as additional input has been gathered.  Like the Community Center, this is a project that is considered longer in nature. We are excited with the developments so far.  If you are interested in learning more about or helping with the development of this trail system, please contact Rene Cardarelle at 320-296-1840, E-mail:  

Poor accessibility is the common denominator of urban sprawl -- nothing is within easy walking distance of anything else.
             Dr Reid Ewing, Smart Growth America study

CLICK HERE to see a Preliminary Proposed Heart of the Lakes Trails System MAP

Annandale Bike Club (ABC)
The Annandale Bike Club (ABC) started in 2006, 
a joint venture co-sponsored by Community Education and 
ACT's Heart of the Lakes Trails Committee.

Annandale Hiking Club













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