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Meeting Notes
February 21, 2008


Role Call: Laura, Judy, Marlene, Andrea (till 6:30), Renee, Rodney Carlson-land owner, Amy, Maggie, Mark Casey, Megan


2008 Business Expo-Annandale:  Discussed booth set up, contents, and sign up to work.  A motion was made by Renee to create a new ACT banner.  Andrea second the motion.  The motion passed.  Laura will be in charge of getting the new banner made.


Grant Application:  Renee presented the application and a few corrections were made.


Visioning Session:  It was discussed to have a pie and ice cream social to highlight the progress made by the different groups within ACT, as well as brainstorm new ideas, needs and wants of the community.  The Annandale City Pavilion will be used, the city hall will be a back up in case of bad weather.  A motion by Marlene was made for the date to be set on August 21, 2008 from 6:30pm-8:30pm.  Megan second the motion.  The motion passed.  Dan Frank had offered to facilitate our event, he will be contacted to see if he is available. 


Summer Guide Ad:  will be discussed at the March 6th meeting.

My Space website:  will be discussed at the March 6th meeting.


Directors and Officers Liability Insurance:  Tabled till March 6th meeting.  Laura requested time to check out other quotes from the Initiative Foundation List.


Treasurers report:  Detail since the beginning.  City books reconciled to what Eric and Nicole had recorded.  A checking account has been opened at Annandale State Bank and $16,000.00 have been put into CDs at Star Bank.


Financials:  Because we are not meeting monthly, requests for withdrawal can be emailed to the board members for approval.  Whatever the treasurer report shows in each groups account can be used at each groups own discretion.  Renee motioned this decision, Megan second the motion.  The motion passed.  Renee will create an invoice for groups to use to collect funds for services rendered.  Make sure to make and keep a copy of all receipts, invoices, and deposit or withdrawal request forms before turning them in to the Treasurer. 


Checks and Balances:  ACT has an independent annual audit.  Tara Partridge or Denise Robel will look at it at the close of each year. 


Brainstorm Ideas:  Target 10 people to approach with a folder full of information about becoming a sponsor in support of ACT.    Should that sponsor support all of ACT, or let them specify which group within ACT they would want to sponsor-does this work?  Individual contributions:  give people a way to support us, there are people out there waiting for the right cause to invest in. 


Directors and Officers Liability Insurance:  Discussion was reopened.  Amy motioned to approve the insurance, Judy second the motion, Laura denied the motion and requested to wait till the March 6th meeting.  The insurance was tabled again.        


The regular quarterly meeting will be held on

Thursday, March 6th at 5:30pm at Southbrook.