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Meeting Notes
January 12, 2006

ACT Minutes

Thursday, January 12, 2005
6:00 pm @ Southbrook Golf Club

Role Call: Marlene, Dave, Renee, Maggie, Ryan, and Dawn Schaefer- Stumpf
Approved minutes from November 10, 2005 meeting
ACT has been approved for incorporation status

Treasurer report:

Approved treasurer report dated 01/12/2006. Treasurer Eric Erlandson is no longer able to commit to attending ACT meetings.  Eric has offered to continue to  prepare treasurer report for ACT upon board approval. Approved by group.  

Arts and Culture:

Dawn Schaefer- Stumpf presented for A&C. 
A&C boards were on a short hiatus and now plan to meet in January.
Dawn has written a letter seeking sponsorship for summer concert series.  A&C has six concerts planned for the summer. 
According to Mark Casey, the portable stage is booking very quickly! 
Thank you Dawn, you were a nice addition to our group.

Skateboard Park :

Maggie has submitted a survey to Dick Ofstedal.  Ryan Brown will be taking over the survey. Ryan will cut, copy, distribute, collect, and tally the information gained from the survey. 

** David Swain is still not doing too hot, please keep him and his family in your thoughts **


Renee reported the trails grant was not approved for the countys selection this year.  Renee will resubmit the grant at the next level for approval.  

Community Center:

The community center group was congratulated for having a grand total of (+) $1703.67 on the treasurer report.  The Annandale Advocates article about the community center has sparked some new interest in the project.  Marlene and Dave are hoping for big numbers of people at their next meeting.

Mark your calendar:

January 26, 2006 6:00 pm Annandale Chamber of Commerce Social @ Reichels Catering.  Please invite all group members.
February 2, 2006, 6:00 pm  ACT meeting @ lower level Southbrook.
April 8, 2006 Annandale Area Business Expo