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Meeting Notes
October 13, 2005

ACT TEAM Meeting, held Oct. 13th, 6 p.m. @ Southbrook
In Attendance: Amy, Rose Mary, Maggie & Laura
- Need team budgets in for 501c3 (to Eric)
- Few signatures left needed on Articles of Incorporation, RM is finding those people
- Election of Board needs to happen before end of the year > VOTE: DEC Meeting
- Nomination Form will be ready at the regular November meeting
- Discussed a Social/Recruitment night during the first quarter of 2006 - invite Dan, friends to join. Possible 6-6:30 social, followed by regular ACT Team meeting. Publicized in ads, Advocate, etc.
- Request from Arts & Culture group to send Plymouth a check for $25,000 -and- to send the Annandale Community Band $150 toward new sheet music.  **2 motions made on both at the meeting, we need one more on both...via email is fine!
- Discussed December 2005 Report to be due to the Initiative Foundation.
Next Meeting:
November 10th, 6 p.m., Southbrook