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Improvement Club
2017-2018 Program

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September 7, 2017

Program: Sandy Holthaus: My Writings and More

Donation: Pioneer Park


October 5, 2017

Program: “An Almost Murder Mystery”

Vicki Morgan presents an original play focusing on the angst and dilemmas that families face when a loved one is critically ill and unable to express their wishes.  The presentation highlights the questions everyone needs to ask as they prepare their end-of-life health directives.
Annandale Food Shelf  


November 2, 2017

Program: Share Your Christmas and Youth First

Sally Smith will speak on the only organization that provides Christmas gifts and food for those in need in Annandale and South Haven.

Mary Barkley Brown will speak on Youth First. It is a grass roots initiative to inspire and challenge individuals, organizations and entire community to become Asset-Builders for youth.

Donation: Youth First


December 7, 2017

Program: Holiday High Tea Fundraiser – A high tea will be served by Cottage Gourmets at the Westman home on Lake Sylvia.  Seating is limited and carpooling a must.  Directions will be given before the event.  

Donation: Share Your Christmas


January 4, 2018

Program: Elizabeth Cabalka: Yoga & More 

Donation: Anna Marie Alliance


February 1, 2018

Program: Trish Mooseberger: Clown Around & Magical Costume Shop

Donation: ACT Arts Team/Concerts


March 1, 2018

Program: Dan and Gerry's Greenhouse: Let's Start Planting

Donation: Elementary School Tool Box


April 5, 2018
Great River Regional Library: Diving Deeper into online library services
Donation: Annandale Library Fund


May 3, 2018

Program: Annual Meeting

Donation: AIC Scholarship Fund


June 7, 2018
Program: Field trip to State Capital
90 minute tour of the newly renovated State Capital
Donation: True Friends


July/June 28, 2018

Program: Katje McIntyre: An On Hands Painting Experience

Donation: Annandale Recreational Park


August 2, 2018

Program: Summer Fundraiser Picnic provided by the AIC Executive Board, Program Committee & Fundraising Committee

Donation: Scholund School for Girls