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Meeting Minutes - November 9, 2010

President Carol called the meeting to order at 7:05 P.M.  A request was made to have library toys added to the agenda.  Motion MSP (Ed, Bonnie) to approve secretary’s minutes.   Treasurer’s report:  Balance to date is $6,006.36.  Motion MSP (Sandy, Ed) to accept report subject to audit. 


Librarian Report:   Carla reported that the library has $5500 of Legacy money to spend.  Summer reading program was reviewed.  Motion MSP (Ron, Ed) to allocate $50 for the adult winter reading program.  Motion MSP (Ed, Marion) to allocate $550 for the summer reading program.  Motion MSP (Ed, Ron) to allocate $536 for additional shelving on contingency that the Improvement Club pays for the other half.  Carla would like to hire Jenny Moe to do story time at the library 6 times during summer 2011.  Motion MSP (Sandy, Ed) to approve $300 for story teller. 

Update – Reading Incentive for Bendix:  Sally reported that Principal Tracy Reimer wants to use the bike incentive for I Love to Read month in February.  Sally will take care of purchasing the bikes and delivering to Bendix.

Old Business

Author Dinner:  Julie Kramer books are here and for sale in the library at full price.  We were able to purchase them at a 10% discount.

Book Sale Date:  The sale date will be Saturday, July 2nd from 8 to 12:30.  Coordinating help is needed.

Care Center Bus to Library:  Sally checked with the Care Center about this possibility but there seem to be some complications that would need to be worked out.  Linda Schmitz from the Care Center will check with Sally in the spring.

Library Toys:  Previously we approved spending $100 for library toys and we have not spent any of it.  Sally had a fisher Price car track in mind.  She and Carla will discuss the size.

New Business

Meeting dates for 2011:  March 29th, June 7th, September 13th, and November 1st were approved.

Annandale Expo – April 9, 2011:  We will continue to participate.  Carla will look for some entertainment.

Election of Officers:  Slate of officers was presented- Julie Sedey and Carol Anderson co-presidents, Sally Smith secretary, and Dean Cheney treasurer.  Motion MSP (Ed, Bonnie) to accept slate of officers.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 

Respectfully submitted,
Sally Smith, secretary