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Meeting Minutes - September 15, 2009

Annandale Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, September 15, 2009

President Sharon Peterson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with 14 members present.  Motion MSP (Cindy, Ed) to approve the secretarys minutes.  Treasurers report:  Balance to date is $6691.70.  Report filed, subject to audit.  Jean reported that only 12 members have paid their 2009 dues.  We discussed the need for dues.  Motion MSP (Cindy, Julie) to continue with dues. 


Library Board:  Cindy reported that the remainder of Board funds were turned over to the City.  Some funds were first used for the new internet lines in the Library.  Jill Healy is the newest Board member. 

Community Connections:  Ron and Cindy reported that Spring is the only time that an ad is needed and since the Board no longer has any funds, the Friends will now be responsible for the entire amount.  

Librarian Report:  Carla reviewed the Librarys summer programs and activities.  A volunteer luncheon and reorientation will be held in October.  Motion MSP (Ed, Cindy) to allocate $150 for the event.  With the addition of 5 new internet stations in 2010, some additional equipment and furniture is needed. 

4 CPU holders @ $42 each = $168
4 keyboard trays @ $35 each = $140
2 chairs @ $1050 each = $2100

Motion MSP (Cindy, Jean) to allocate up to $3000 for these expenses.

Carla also reported that the Kimball Friends are hosting Will Weaver for their author dinner on 11/20. 

Unfinished Business 

Book Sale:  Ron reported that the sale was again a success with income of $1342.46.   Tentative date for 2010 is Saturday, July 3rd. 

Summer Story Time:  Sally reported that there were 2 locations this year (Elm Grove Trailer Court and Knollwood Apts.) with 7 to 14 children in attendance each week.  Crafts which were purchased from Oriental Trading and the snacks cost about $90.  There are enough books left to do the program again next year. 

New Business 

Author Dinner:  Cindy reported that the dinner will be held on May 21, 2010 at Reichels with Peter Rennebohm as the author.  His books will be for sale at the Library in December.  Julie Kramer was suggested as a guest author for 2011. 

Nominating Committee:  Ron, Jean, and Betty volunteered to serve on the nominating committee. 

MLA Conference:  Cindy reported that the MLA conference is in St. Cloud from October 14 to 16.  The 15th is Friends and Trustee day and the cost is $60 with breakfast and lunch included.  Motion MSP (Sally, Ed) to allocate $180 for Bonnie, Cindy, and one other person to attend. 

Additional Items: 

The OPEN sign for the Library is no longer working.  They are available at Sams.  Motion MSP (Ed, Cindy) to purchase a replacement.  Sally will check at Sams. 

Carla suggested that the shelves need to be read and possibly we could use an Adopt-A- Shelf program to accomplish that task.  High School students may be able to fulfill their community service requirement by helping with this. 

Next meeting is November 17th .  This will be our Holiday potluck meeting. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:30. 

Respectfully submitted,
Sally Smith, secretary