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Meeting Minutes - November 18, 2008

Bonnie Gutzweiller called the annual meeting to order at 7:05 PM with 14 members present.  MSP Julie/Sally to approve the secretarys minutes.  Treasurers report:  Balance to date is $5430.77.  Report filed, subject to audit.


Childrens Programming--Dawn

-Dawn submitted a report outlining her activities since our last meeting.  The Community Favorites theme is going well.  The Christmas books have arrived and plans are made for the appearance of Herself the Elf on December 17th.   Dawn would like us to be on the lookout for her replacement.  There have been inquiries from a couple of folks willing to help, but wanted to be paid.  Sandy will contact GRRL to see if they have someone who could help or take over story time. (Someone on their payroll)

Library Board

-When the board met, there were not enough people to reach a quorum, so they could only recommend donating money for a new internet station at the library.  FOL and Improvement Club were to be asked to donate as well. MSP Ed/Sally to donate $1000 to this project.  Sandy is checking with GRRL to be sure we can have another station and to check on the cost.  There is also a private donor who has offered to donate $500 toward this project. 

Publicity Committee-Ron

-Will begin again in Spring

Librarian Report-Sandy

-Report for September and October---2 story times--40 attending.  She proctored exams for students.  There were 16 volunteers--a total of 112.75 hours.  169 folks used the Improvement Club computer.  Annandale State Bank donated $500 to the Library.  Sandy also submitted a report of books/tapes she enjoyed. 


Mike Lynch 9/24 Program

-Check has arrived from the grant we applied for--so that paid for the program!

Friends Meet Friends  11/1 St. Cloud

-Sandy, Dean, Ron, Ed and Bonnie attended.  Toured the new library (very impressive) and enjoyed finding out how other Friends groups operated.


Business Expo-April 18, 2009

-Will meet before the Expo to sign up for setting up, working, etc.

Author Dinner-May 8, 2009

-Tickets and posters ready.  Look great.  Books should arrive soon. Julie will check with the Buffalo radio station to see about advertising the event. 

Book Sale-July 3, 2009

-Sorting will begin in June.  No advanced sales again this year.  Set up will be Thursday, July 2. 

Election of Officers

MSP Ed/Betty to accept the slate as presented. 

Proposed 2009 Budget

-Bonnie passed out the budget.  MSP Jean/Sharon to accept.

2009 Meeting Dates (Proposed)

Party Committee

-Sign up sheet for Sandy/Barbs party on Wednesday, April 29,2009.

Additional Agenda Items

-MSP Julie/ Sally to subscribe to 2 more magazines for the Library.

MSP Ed/Sally to adjourn the meeting--8:20 PM  

Respectfully submitted
Sharon Peterson, secretary