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Meeting Minutes - September 16, 2008

Bonnie Gutzwiller called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM with 12 members present.  MSP Cindy/Jean to approve the amended secretarys minutes.  Treasurers report:  Balance to date is $5826.82. MSP Julie/Barb to file report, subject to audit.


Childrens Programming--Dawn

-Dawn had submitted a detailed report on the very successful summer program.  Included in the report were plans for the upcoming school year--with programs to begin this month on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 10 AM.  The theme this year is Community Favorites--and she has some great ideas.   She had a few requests for supplies, etc.  MSP Ed/Sally to allocate up to $200 for Christmas books (to give the children) and whatever else she may need. 

Library Board--Cindy

-Board met on Sept. 4, 2008.  City has given us a picnic table (already installed ) for outdoor seating at the Library.  The Art Committee has been dropped from the agenda until there is a need.  GRRL report--new St. Cloud Library is now open.  2 articles updating the Maple Lake Library.  Cindy Ahrens and Joelle Arlt recommended for re-appointment----anyone interested in future appointment to the Library Board, please let Cindy know.  Letter supporting increased library budget sent to GRRL Board members.  Next meetings--May 7, Sept. 3, and Nov. 5, 2009--all at 4PM in City Council chambers.

Publicity Committee-Cindy

-Will advertise in early Spring for the Author Dinner and Summer Program.

Librarian Report & Wish List Hand Outs

-Sandy had submitted a report on summer activity (May through August) at the Library.  There were six story times with 172 attending.  8 class visits with 210 students.  24 volunteers donating 218.25 hours.  225 users on the computer donated by the Improvement Club. 154 0-12 year olds started the summer reading program, with 54 finishing.  10 young adults started the teen program and handed in 136 reading slips.  Mr. Atkinsons class had sold ice cream cups after lunch and donated $100 to the Library.  Sandy reported that the Author Dinner and Stan Tekielas loon program were both well attended and enjoyable.  Very successful FOL book sale in July.  She also included a list of books/tapes/films that she had enjoyed. 

-Wish List requests included clear plastic sign holders, card holders and range finders for the end panels on adult shelving, 2 wall clocks.  These expenses, plus the purchase of a sandwich board with letters to use for summer programming, book sale, etc. were approved.  MSP Cindy/Mary to approve these purchases, with the exclusion of the round picnic table, as we already have a table donated from the City.


Stan Tekiela Program Recap

-Very well attended and enjoyed by all.  Even ran out of books to sell!

Book Sale Recap

-$1670.85 in sales.  Plus another $626.27 from the sale of 2 rare books.  Suggestions for next year:  setting up another cashiers table to cut down on the congestion at busy times; no craft items accepted and sold next year; cover the Seniors card and puzzle display; and check on the air conditioning!!!    Next years sale will be Friday, July 3rd.

August Story Time Project Recap-Sally

-Not as successful as hoped--some of the reasons being that the time had to be changed to the afternoon, as Bendix had summer school in the mornings in August, Eastview had already had a reading program earlier in the summer--there was a Bible School in the evenings during the first week--rain.  Expected 10 from Elm Grove Park and 30 from Eastview--actual numbers were 3-11 from Elm Grove and 2-6 from Eastview.  The program was well advertised and promoted.  Suggestions for next year were to hold it in July to avoid the summer school conflict and hold it in the morning--and not doing Eastview, but rather Knollwood Apartments.  Thanks to Sally for all her hard work. 


Mike Lynch Program-September 24

-Sign up sheet for volunteers to set up, sell books, take down--sent around.  Ads are in the papers, posters up.  Grant was approved--after all the paperwork is done, his fee will be paid from this.  Thanks to Cindy!

Art Chair Auction-September 20--New St. Cloud Library

-52 chairs, painted by St. Cloud area artists, will be auctioned  off at the new St. Cloud Library on Saturday, September 20.  Tickets are $25---auction will be from 6-9 PM.

2009 Author Dinner-Cindy

-Friday, May 8, 2009--Lorna Landvik.  Reichels has been reserved, deposit made, menu chosen.  5PM Social hour, 6PM Dinner, 7PM Author.  Bar will be open from 5-7. MSP Ed/ Sharon to order 20 copies of her latest paperback and 20 copies of her newest hardcover book to sell at the library and also at the dinner. (We get a discount if you order 20!)  Marian and Diane will decorate--yea!

Nominating Committee

-Cindy, Jean and Sharon will be on the nominating committee for officers.  Report at Annual Meeting in November.

Annual Meeting

-Annual Meeting will be held Tuesday, November 18, 7PM at the Library.  Election of officers and agenda items.  Bring a treat to share!

Sandys Retirement, April 2009

-Sandy Otto will retire the end of April.  Barb Lundberg announced that she, also, will retire at that time.  Suggestion made to possibly hold an open house on their last day, Wednesday, April 29th.  More discussion at our next meeting.

There being no additional agenda items, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM  

Respectfully submitted
Sharon Peterson, Secretary