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Meeting Minutes - August 21, 2007

Bonnie Gutzwiller  called the meeting to order at 7PM with 15 members present.  The minutes from the May meeting were read and approved. (MSP Cindy/Julie).  Treasurers report: Balance to date is $5502.49.  Report filed, subject to audit. (MSP Cindy/Julie).


Childrens Programming--Dawn

-Programs will be held the 3rd Saturday throughout the school year; Tuesdays in the summer.

Library Board--Cindy

-Next meeting is September 6th--openings for library board members

Art Committee--Dawn/Ed

-No formal meeting  to date.

Community Connections--Ron

-Will meet soon.

Librarian Report--Sandy

-Request made for 2 magazine subscriptions (Real Simple and Martha). MSP Ed/Ron to spend up to $100 on subscriptions.

-Need for a floor lamp in reading area--we have a $100 donation for same.  MSP Cindy/Ed to add another $100 to purchase  a sturdy lamp.  Marian, Jean and Julie to shop.

-Our handicapped door does not work--needs attention.

-Discussed adding more track lighting

-Need for storage for books dropped off for our sale--possibly ask City if we could have a corner in one of their storage rooms.  Library Board will talk to the City.

-Need for a 4 drawer file cabinet--for FOL and Improvement Club paperwork/books,etc.

-Discussed having magnets with library hours available at desk.


June 30th Book Sale Recap--Ron

-Thanks to all for their help.  Our profit was $926.81.  The Paynesville Bookstore that took the books that were left gave us a $50 donation.

-Discussed the need for the FOL early bird shopping from 5-6--should it be earlier as long as were all there anyway?

-Discussed Friday setup starting at 12:30 instead of 12:00 so as not to interfere with the Senior Dining.


Author Events--Cindy

-Stan Tekiela (Uncommon Facts About Common Birds) is a popular speaker--charges $250 plus mileage.  This event would be free and open to the public, sponsored by the FOL.  Cindy will check to see if he is available on a Wednesday or Thursday sometime this fall. MSP Carol/Ron to spend $350 for this event (author plus coffee and treats, advertising, etc.)

-Tabled for now the Girlfriends Getaway authors--future consideration

Author Dinner 2008--Cindy

-Author this year is Faith Sullivan.  We have booked Reichels for May 9th.  MSP Ed/Carol for $300 deposit.

Nominating Committee

-All officers agreed to serve one more year. (Subject to vote at November meeting)

MLA Conference in Mankato

-Conference is October 24-26.  Friends Day is October 25.  So far Bonnie and Cindy plan to attend--all are welcome. 

-Request for registration fee ($50 per person) for those attending.  (MSP Sharon/Ed) Deadline is September 8,2007.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, November 13th at 6:30PM (note time change!)  Bring treats, all!! 

MSP Ed/Ron meeting adjourned at 8:33 PM  

Respectfully submitted,
Sharon Peterson, Secretary