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Meeting Notes - June 6, 2006

JUNE 6TH, 2006 
Cindy Ahrens called the meeting to order at 7pm with 16 members present.  The minutes from the 4/11 meeting were read; MSP (Ed/Jean). 
Correspondence Read:
- Thank You note from the Buffalo Branch thanking the Annandale FOL for co-hosting the
  "Gathering of Friends" morning in April.
- Thank You from a guest at the Author Dinner.
- Thank You to the FOL for their community involvement.
- Invitation from Chamber of Commerce to Monthly Lunch meeting
- Invitation to the Chamber of Commerce 4th of July Celebration Gala  
  Jean gave the Treasurer's report which was accepted subject to audit. 
  The balance as of  6/6 is $3652.96, including a profit of $191.20 from our May 5th Author
Library Programming - Dawn
  1,   Story Time is Tuesdays - 10am; Julie, Jan, Janet volunteered to pull books for this 
  2.   End of Summer Party - FOL will donate $50 for treats (MSP Ed/Jan)
Library Board - Ron
   1.  The next Library Board meeting will be July 20th, then starting in September, board  
        meetings will be the first Thursday of the month.
   2.  The next Community Connection article will be in the 6/21 Advocate.
   3.  Tim Engrau, author of 'County Parks of Minnesota'  will be at the Library on 7/29, 10am.
   4.  OPEN sign has been replaced.
   5.  Paintings under the Library's care are now evaluated for insurance.
   6.  Community Survey - a sample survey was reviewed.  The survey will be distributed at
        the Library starting the week of June 12th through August 19th.
 Librarian Report - Sandy
   1.  On Thursday July 13th, Sandy is hosting the Improvement Club lunch, and is
        inviting FOL and Library Board members to attend.  Lunch is at noon, 200 Park St,
        Pot Luck. (Book Sale results report)
   2.  GRRL has installed a central printer.
Unfinished Business
  4/22 Gathering of Friends at the Monticello Library notes were passed.
  7/1 Book Sale
    1.  Donated books will be accepted until 6/27
    2.  Books are sorted at the Library on Tuesday mornings.
    3.  Tables for the sale are being donated by Country Chev and Snooty Fox
    4.  Friday 6/30, 5:30 pm - 6:30pm will be the "Friends Only" pre-sale.  Show your
         membership card for admittance.
    5.  Cindy submitted book sale message to the website, www.booksalefinder.com
    6.  Need donation jar in place for the sale.
 Expo Survey for 2007 was discussed - date will be 3/10/2007 or 4/14/2007, and 8-1
 instead of 9-2? 
 501c3 - will be completed this summer.  Jean has volunteered to help filling out the form. 
New Business
Sandy's 30th Anniversary at the Library celebration will be October 25th.  This will be a
community wide celebration, and a combined effort of the Library Board and the FOL.
The committee is Ron Remington, Cindy Ahrens, Julie Sedey, Diane Shoberg and
Muriel Rudolph.  FOL is dedicating $150 for this celebration (MSP Ron/Ed)
MLA Library Conference will be this September in St Cloud at the Civic Center.  Friends day is Thursday, 9/28. 
The Library is looking for 2-3 laptop tables.  Please let Sandy know if you find something 
that might work.
Volunteers are needed to find an author/date for next year's Author Dinner.
Next meeting will be 9/12, 7pm 
1.  Nominating committee to be appointed.
2.  November is the annual meeting
Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Bonnie Gutzwiller