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Meeting Notes - April 11, 2006

Annandale Area Friends of the Library
Meeting Minutes
April 11th, 2006
Cindy Ahrens called the meeting to order with 11 members present.  Cindy thanked the volunteers for filling in while she was in Florida.  The minutes from the December 6th meeting were reviewed and approved (MSP Julie/Jean).  Jean read the Treasurer's Report, and it was accepted subject to audit.  The balance is $2941.20.
Library Board - Ron Remington
1.  The next Board meeting will be April 27th, 4pm.
2.  Mark, Ron, Marlene are discussing the placement of the new City Hall and Library signing
     on Hwy 55.
3.  The first ad for the Library in the Advocate, placed by the Community Connection
     committee, was published April 5th.  The next ad will be mid July.
4.  Checking on repair coverage for the one open sign not working in the Library.
5.  Discussion on the Community Survey, and an Advocate scrapbook.
6.  Tim Engraff has written a book on County Parks, he will meet to discuss in a Saturday     
     one hour session, date to be determined.
Librarian Report - Sandy Otto
1.  Article introducing the new Director of GRRL, Kristy Smith, was circulated.
2.  Discussion on having the Library open on Thursdays, although no additional hours have
     been allocated.
3.  In the process of reshifting shelves.  Volunteers are asked to meet on Tuesday morning
     May 16th to help reorganize.
4.  Thanks to all the volunteers - the Library couldn't run without you!
Library Programming  
1.  Dawn asked that the 2 teachers who presented the March 1st 'I Can Read' program be
     presented with Gift Cards from the Snooty Fox.  (MSP Julie/Muriel).
2.  Dawn is working on the summer program.
May 5th Author Dinner
1.  Thanks to Dean Cheney for designing the poster for the Author Dinner. 
     MaryJanice Davidson is now using it on her website.
2.  Chuck Sterling will be doing a follow-up article in the 4/26 Advocate and will interview
     the author for this article.
3.  Muriel has secured the PA system and microphones.  Diane and Marian are working on
4.  Discussion on door prize drawing -  sign up sheet for volunteers was circulated.
5.  Cindy will be placing ads in the Advocate, Messenger, St. Cloud Times Style magazine
     calendar of events, and a press release in the Drummer.  All GRRL libraries have
     received a poster.  Email will be sent to all FOL members reminding them to buy their
     tickets at the Library or In Hot Water before May 1st.
Unfinished Business
Book Sale - July 1
1.  Books will be priced at $.25 for paperbacks, $.50 for hardcover and media.  New and
     collectable will be individually priced.
2.  Later in the sale, books will be sold for $1.00 a bag. 
3.  Please begin to save plastic bags
4.  Sorting will be every Tuesday from 9-noon starting May 30th, please come in and help.
     Sign up sheet circulated.
5.  June 30th - "Friends Only" shopping from 5:30 - 6:30.
A Gathering of Friends - April 22nd, 8:30 - 11, Monticello Library
1.  Sponsored by FOL. - Bonnie, Ron, Julie will be greeters, Cindy will be a presenter.
2.  Program will include Successful Book Sales, Author Dinners, MALF.
New Business
1.  GRRL Friends meet Friends - March 13th
     Julie, Sandy, Jean attended from the Annandale Area Friends
2.  Business Expo - tickets were sold for the Author Event and new FOL members
     signed up.
3.  Cindy handed out the names of the authors for the HCL Pen Pal series for 2006.
Our next meeting will be Tuesday June 6th, 7pm.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Bonnie Gutzwiller