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Meeting Notes - December 6, 2005

Annandale Area Friends of the Library
Meeting Minutes
Dec 6, 2005
Cindy Ahrens called the Meeting to order with 16 members present.  The minutes from the 11/1 meeting were read and approved (MSP Sandy, Muriel).  Cindy read the treasurer's report for Jean,  The balance is $2937.89, and this report was accepted subject to audit.
Cindy read a letter from the American Library Association thanking the FOL for their donation to the Katrina Library Relief Fund.
1.    2006 Author Dinner - Cindy
        The dinner is scheduled for Friday May 5th, the author will be MaryJanice Davidson, and her husband Anthony Alongi. The event will be again held at Reichels.  Doors open at 5:30pm, dinner at 6:00 and the program starting at 7:00. 
        The menu is lasagna, Caesar salad, veggie tray, garlic bread, bars.                      
        Ticket prices will be $16 for FOL members and $20 for non-members.
        All tickets will be sold in advance, and her books will be available for sale before
        and after the dinner.  Berkely will supply the books, and they can be purchased
        in advance at the library.  Ticket sales begin March 1st.
        Dawn is checking with Karen Spiegeler on the possibility of marketing in the
        middle school to young adults.  Then we will discuss a special price for students.   
        Jean Peterson will coordinate ticket sales, and Ron Remington volunteered to send
        press releases to newspapers.
2.     Library Board - Ron
        Two new Library Board members have been named:  Cindy Ahrens and Joelle Arlt
        They will replace Elizabeth Cabalka and Sally Smith;  their Good Bye get
        together will be held at McBrides.
        DSL wireless services were approved for the Library, which will allow for laptop use.
        The City will pay the $38 monthly fee, and they are asking the Board, the FOL and
        the Improvement Club to contribute to the installation
        Still working on street signage for the Library and City Hall.
3.     Librarian Report - Sandy
        An employee has been hired to work 4 hours per week, every other Wednesday 
        evening and Saturday.  
Old Business
1.    The Community Connection/Communication Committee members are Ron Remington,
       Karen Spiegeler, Ed Groop and Bonnie Gutzwiller.  They will probably begin meeting in
 2.    Volunteers are still needed to do Children's Story Times, the 1st Saturday of each
        month.  Please contact Dawn Schaefer-Stumpf if you can help.  The FOL had approved $50 for supplies for the 12/14 Winter Wonderland evening.  This has been increased to $75 (MSP Ed, Sandy).  There will be singing, a special guest, and something
        for each child to take home.
 3.    July Book Sale 
        The Community Room has been reserved for Friday June 30th and Saturday July
        1st.  There was discussion on an FOL pre-sale, Friday evening.
New Business
1.    Friends Workshop will be Saturday, April 22nd at the Monticello Library, 9-11:30am.
Our next meeting will be Tuesday April 11th at 7:00pm.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:00  for Holiday treats and apple cider.
Respectfully submitted,
Bonnie Gutzwiller