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Meeting Notes - October 11, 2005

Annandale Area Friends of the Library
Meeting Minutes
October 11, 2005
Cindy Ahrens called the meeting to order at 7pm, with 12 members present.  The minutes from the July 26th meeting were distributed for review and were accepted, MSP (Ron Remington, Carol Anderson).
Jean Peterson gave the Treasurer's Report: balance of $3492.55, including a $500.00 donation from Mary Schultz in memory of Ed, and a $650.00 donation from the State Bank of Annandale .  This report was accepted, subject to audit.
Old Business
1.  501c3 Update - The Friends will pay for the filing and then submit amount to the City for
2.  Books sent to Troops - The Friends received an email and Citation from the Master
     General thanking us for supporting the Troops.
New Business
1.  Librarian Update - Sandy
     Sandy and Barb attended  a Library Staff Development Day on October 10th, including
     classes dealing with mentally challenged library users,  computer classes, etc.
     Sandy thanks all the volunteers who helped with the door count the week of Oct 3rd. 
     The Library had approximately 568 visitors that week.  The counters also kept track     
     of PAC users and the numbers indicate increased use over last year.
     An additional internet station has been on the Library's wish list, but GRRL does not
     want Sandy to order, because of limited staff support at HQ.  Another station would add
     to their network load.  Sandy is going to try to keep track of the number of  people who
     are turned away, and keep as back up when this request is revisited.
2.  Library Programs - Sandy is working with Dawn Schaefer-Stumpf on the Fall/Winter
     program, and ordering Library kits.  The Knitting Club continues to meet at the Library
     twice a month on Tuesdays, and Tom Westman has started a non-fiction Book
     Club on Wednesday evenings.
 3.  MLA Report - Cindy 
     The Ramsey County Library won the $250 for their submission.  Cindy passed around
     the Applicant Summaries.  Motion to reimburse Cindy for her expenses for the 
     presentation: $65.44.  MSP (Barb Lundberg, Marian Nelson).  
4.  2006 Author Dinner 
     Committee to include Marian Nelson and Diane Shoberg (decorations), Cindy Ahrens,
     Sandy Otto, Mary Iverson and Carol Anderson.  The committee will pick a day to meet.
     Discussion included:
     - Changing the date from the beginning of  April to the end of April or the beginning of 
     - Planning this as a community literary event, a fund raiser, or both.
     - List of possible authors
     - Possibility of adding another fund raiser in addition to the Author Dinner and Book 
       Sale, i.e. Chocolates and Coffee.
     - Possibility of having an Authors event at the Library, including only Annandale Area
5.  2006 Book Sale
     July 1st, Saturday
     Guidelines to include a list of books that will not be accepted (Reader's Digest, text,
     medical, law, moldy)  No books will be accepted on the day before or day of sale.
6.  Library Purchases
     Sandy has received 2 new book trucks, $514.95.  Motion to pay shipping costs over
     $400 already approved for trucks.  MSP (Carol Anderson, Ed Groop).
     Sandy needs an additional Receipt Printer for counter, approximately $250.00.  Motion
     to purchase, upon approval from GRRL.  MSP (Ed Groop, Jean Peterson).  Sandy plans
     to create self pick up area for reserved books, and put Book Sale books on cart.
     Discussion on Library Promotional Items, including wristbands for sale, and free magnets
     with library hours listed.
7.  Nominating Committee for 2006 FOL officers.  The November 1st meeting will be the     
     annual meeting, to include election of officers.  Marian Nelson and Ron Remington
     are the nominating committee.
8.  2006 Membership Campaign
     Jean Peterson is developing an FOL membership card to be distributed when 2006 dues
     are paid.  The drive begins in November for January 2006 - December 2006 membership. 
     Bonnie will send email and postal reminding FOL members that 2006 dues can be sent
     to Cindy or Jean or paid at the Library.  $2.00 for Seniors, $5.00 for individuals and
     $10.00 for family.
9.  Chamber of Commerce has requested that we send them nominations for Business of
     the Year award.
Library Board Report - Ron Remington
1.  Congratulations to the Friends on their award nomination, and thanks to 
     Dawn Schaefer-Stumpf on the great job she has been doing.
2.  Library Director Bescye Burnett has retired.
3.  A community survey may result in restructuring of library hours, but not an increase
     of hours.
4. The genealogy class by Lucille Nelson was well done, with 5 people attending.
5.  The water leaks in the Library are being looked into, and the Board will make sure it's
     taken care of.
6.  The "OPEN" neon lights are working well, Sandy is checking into covering the wires.
7.  Mark is checking to see if the displayed art is covered by insurance, and if it makes a
     difference if the art is on loan or donated.
8.  Elizabeth and Sally are resigning from the Library Board and the Board is accepting
9.  Discussion on column/articles in the Advocate regarding the library.
10. The next Library Board meeting will the October 27th at 4pm.
Additional Agenda Items:
Please review and sign up on the Yahoo Volunteer Calendar. 
Ed Groop (FOL member on the Library Board Art Committee): Art collection will be
inventoried in November.   Ed is checking to see if all tracks/lights are installed.
The next meeting of the FOL will be Tuesday, November 1st, 7pm at the Library.
Meetings was adjourned at 8:50pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Bonnie Gutzwiller