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Meeting Notes - July 26, 2005

Cindy Ahrens called the meeting to order at 7pm with 12 members present.  The minutes of the June 14th meeting were approved as submitted, MSP (Jean Peterson, Muriel Rudolph).
Jean Peterson gave the Treasurer's Report.  Current balance is $2492.22, which includes $1273.93 from the July 2nd Book Sale.
Old Business
1.  Book Sale
    - Cindy sent open letter to Community through the Advocate, thanking them for their
      support.  Also, will send to Maple Lake. 
    - Cindy sent thank you letters to those who had loaned us tables for the sale, also to
      'In Hot Water' for the donated coffee for the volunteers.
    - Thanks to Deanna Larson for her Usborne display -  $45.00 worth of free books were
      donated to the Library.
    - Future Book Sales
         ~ Change deadline for donations - maybe start the end of May,  but cut off 
            earlier in the week prior to the sale.
         ~ No Readers Digest, no text books, and emphasize "gently used".
         ~ Hours: keep at 8-3?  Business slowed dramatically in the afternoon
         ~ $1.00 a bag needs to begin at 11am instead of 1pm.  Mention in 
            advertisement that at some point books will sell for $1.00 a bag.  
            Suggestion was made to empty room, then reopen for the $1.00 sale.  
         ~ Simpler sorting method?
         ~ Collectibles - Cindy has inventoried, and is checking into selling on Ebay.
         ~ The left over books will either be sent to our military in hospitals in Iraq or the
             VA Hospital in St. Cloud.  The cost to send a box to Iraq is $7.70.  Cindy
             is packing up 10 boxes.  Motion MSP (Julie Seday, Jan Foldenaur) to spend
             $77.00 on postage.
2.  501c3 Update
    - Cindy and Jean met with the FOL president from Monticello.  She was very helpful, and
      supplied copies of needed forms.  Cindy has filled out these forms for Annandale, on 
      line.  We need to write Articles of Incorporation ($35.00 for non-profit).  The estimated
      cost to completed this process is $355.00 and the Library Board has offered to cover 
      this expense.  Our goal is to have this completed by the end of the year.  We can
      then apply for grants, etc.
New Business
1.  Summer Programs
     -  Great job done by Dawn Schaefer-Stumpf!  The Kiwanis Key Club provided her with
        volunteer help, and Friends' members Julie Seday and Jan Quinn helped by pulling
        books.  Thanks also to Diane Shoberg for her Seed and Mother Goose programs.
        The Friends would like to give gift certificates to Diane (Ben Franklin) and Dawn
        (In Hot Water) in appreciation of their contributions.
    -   FOL is sponsoring an end of Summer Party August 9th at 10am - "Books,
        Balloons and Bubble Gum".  Amy Sparks will take care of the balloons and Marian
        Nelson has volunteered to purchase the bubble gum.  Julie Seday, Muriel Rudolph
        and Cindy Ahrens have volunteered to help with the party.
2.  Fall Children's Programs 
    - Dawn will meet with Sandy
3.  Adult Programs on Wednesday evenings?
    -  If you have an idea for a program, please contact Cindy or Sandy.  Some suggestions
       were a knitting group, a reading club, an instructional class from teens on how to search
       the web, or a class on computer maintenance.
4.  ALA  Conference in Chicago
    - Cindy attended and circulated information she picked up.  Also, she obtained 
      books to be used in the next Expo drawing.  Motion MSP (Jan, Muriel) to reimburse
      Cindy for the cost of postage to ship these books, $30.77.
6.  MLA  Award submission - due August 19th.  Cindy and Bonnie will work on putting
     together a packet featuring our Author Dinner.  If our submission is selected, we would
     receive $250.00 and a plaque.
7.  Candy for Library basket - Motion MSP (Deanna, Jean ) to purchase, Marian     
8.  Librarian's Report - Sandy Otto
    - Wish List
         ~ 2  Books Trucks @$200.00 each 
         ~ 3-5 Kid's chairs 
            Motion MSP (Muriel, Julie) to approve $400 for books trucks.  Motion MSP
            (Jan, Carol) to approve $100 for kid's chairs.
         ~ Receipt Printer
         ~ Internet computer station & printer - $1500.  Request submitted to the Improvement
     - On Hold section will move to Book Sale area, book sale items will move to cart in
       front of desk, so library users can pickup their own "holds" before check out.  
     - Restructure in GRRL - may include a Library Assistant.      
     - Suggestion was made that we print FOL membership cards that will include 
       expiration date, since there is some confusion as to timing of dues payment. 
  9.  Library Board - Julie Seday
       - Neon "Open" signs are in and awaiting installation by the City.
       - Genealogy course for beginners will be at the end of September.  Watch for 
         Community Ed catalog and sign up.  
       - Next Library Board Meeting will be in September.
10.  Other
       - September Tour of Hennepin County Libraries is planned for September with 
         Cindy and Sandy.  Anyone interested in joining?
       - November 2nd author discussion by Alexander McCall Smith, 7:30pm.  If we
         can get 10 people, we will receive 10% off, tickets are $31.50 or $40.50.
       - Next Author Dinner - donations, corporate sponsors.
Next FOL meeting will be Tuesday October 11th, 7pm.  Meeting adjourned at 9pm.