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Meeting Notes - June 14, 2005

Cindy Ahrens called the meeting to order at 7pm with 15 members attending.  The minutes from the May 10, 2005 meeting were approved, MSP (Jean Peterson, Jan Foldenaur).    When Meeting Minutes have been added to Annandale Online, Bonnie will notify all members by email with the website address.
Jean Peterson gave the Treasurer's Report, which was accepted, subject to audit, MSP (Julie Seday, Ed Groop).  Current balance is $1225.69.   Jean accepted a donation from Don Gadow in memory of Marlys to be used in the Children's area. 
1.  Book Sale
           -  Volunteer Sign Up sheet was  circulated.
           -  Tables needed for sale have been donated by Snooty Fox,   
             and Country Chev, and  Mary Iverson will bring in one 
             Friday 7/1 for Specialty Books.
         -  Need donation box on checkout tables, Marion Nelson
            volunteered to bring in the fish bowl.
         -  Also a table will be set up to display FOL Scrapbook,
            Membership Forms and the Library Wish List.
            -  Deanna Larson set up the Usborne display as a fund raiser.
            -  Motion was made (MSP Carol Anderson, Janet Quinn) to
             advertise the book sale in the Annandale Advocate, Maple Lake
             Messenger and the Ad Advantage, cost not to exceed $50.00.
          -  Volunteers will distribute flyers to local businesses.
          -  Handled paper bags are needed for mid-sale, when the books are
              sold for $1 a bag.
2.  Library Programs
          - Ron Remington, Cindy Ahrens and Dawn Schaefer-Stumpf to
            discuss the relationship between the FOL and the Library
            Program needs/volunteers.
          - Volunteer schedule for summer programs was routed.
3.  2006 Author Dinner
          - If you have any suggestions for authors, please let Cindy know.
          - Volunteer sheet for volunteers to work on next year's dinner
             was routed.  The first committee meeting will be after the
             September MALF conference.
4.   Librarian's Report - Sandy Otto
           - Volunteers, please check the on-line calendar and sign up.
           - High $5 GRRL donation request will be used as HQ Staff Holds
              - Children's chairs will be added to the Library Wish List.
5.   Correspondence
           - Thank you note from Sister Carol Schmidt for the Isabel 
              Allende program tickets.
             -  Routed Advocate write-ups, legislative updates, and Chamber
              4th of July information.
6.  Library Board - Julie Seday
           - Art Committee volunteer from FOL is Ed Groop 
           -  June 16th - Joan Allen from GRRL will demonstrate how to
              use ELM.  Watch for Community Education flyer to sign up in
              Fall for classes on genealogy.
7.  Continued discussion on allocating funds for FOL members to 
     attend conference, etc.  
            -  Individuals request funds
            -  2006 budget item
The motion to adjourn MSP (Carol, Ed) was approved at 8:45 p.m.
Respectfully submitted 
Bonnie Gutzwiller