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Meeting Notes - May 10, 2005

May 10, 2005 - 7:00 p.m.
Meeting Minutes
Cindy Ahrens opened the meeting with 17 members present. 
Jean Peterson gave the Treasurer's Report, which was accepted, subject to audit.
Author Event Tickets Sales   $1599
Dues                                   $85
Author Event Expenses         $1590 = Profit of $359.85
Balance                               $1296
The minutes from the 3/22/05 meeting were reviewed by members.  Motion MSP (Julie, Jean) to approve.  Discussed how long we would keep non-paying members on the roster.  We will continue to send meeting announcements through December of 2005.
Cindy read correspondence recently received by the FOL:
1.  Thank You note from GRRL (Bescye Burnett) for the Author Event.
2.  Inquiry - do the FOL want to participate in the 4th of July Parade? - declined
3.  Inquiry - do the FOL want to participate in the Chili Cookoff? - declined
4.  Inquiry - do the FOL want to form a team to participate in the Kiwanis Golf Tournament?
Unfinished Business 
1.  Annandale Business Expo - Very successful:  some of that success attributed  to
    having the FOL booth situated next to the Improvement Club booth.  Thanks to all who
2.  Author Dinner - again thanks to all who helped make this first FOL author event a fun
     evening.  110 tickets were sold.  Ed suggested that next year we look at a different
     plan for the book tables (buying/signing).  Cindy sent around a sign up sheet for next
     Spring's Author Event Committee.   Muriel sent a thank you to school district        
     for the use of the PA system.  Cindy has put together a Summary Packet, including
     pictures, which will be sent to MLA for award submission.  
3.  Book Sale - Saturday July 2, 2005
     Cindy has booked the Community Room for Friday and Saturday of the sale and the
     Council Chambers from 9-1 each Tuesday in June to sort donations. 
     Cindy circulated volunteer sign up sheets for:
     - Sorting of book donations
     - Creation of flyers, newspaper articles to advertise sale.
     - Set up on Friday 7/1
     - Sale on 7/2
     (These sign up sheets are posted in the Library work room)
     -  Plastic/paper bags are needed for day of sale - drop off at Library
     -  Hard cover books will sell for $.50, paperback $.25, specialty books will be priced
     -  $1.00 per bag at specific time to be selected during the afternoon.  Sign stating this 
     -  Need 6-9, 6 foot tables.  Julie will check with St. Ignatius Church, Sandy will check 
        with Country Chev, and Cindy will contact Lampi for prices to rent.
     -  Marion suggested we check on available storage if we would want to purchase tables
        for future sales.
     -  Cindy asked about matching funds from Thrivent or Target, but it was suggested that
        we ask for specific dollar amounts at a later date.
4.    501c3 Non-Profit Status Update.  Cindy is meeting with Monticello FOL on May 18th
       to review their forms, since they have just completed the process.
5.    March 23, 2005 Friends Workshop in St. Cloud, presented by the Minnesota
      Association of Library Friends.  Annandale Friend's attending were:  Cindy Ahrens,
      Erla Kyllonen, Julie Seday, Bonnie Gutzwiller.  We listened to presentation by Bob
      Boese on recognizing priceless books.  He provided us with helpful websites,  i.e.
New Business
1.   Summer & Fall Programs - Dawn Schaefer-Stumpf (Children's Program Advisor to the
      Library Board) outlined the Summer Program and requested volunteers for the following:
      - Thematic Days, every other Tuesday starting June 12, and ending August 9th.
        Janet Quinn and Julie Sedey have volunteered to pull books for the Tuesday programs
      - Seed Planting - (The Carrot Seed) Saturday June 11 with Diane Shoberg
      - Mother Goose - Saturday July 16
      - Friday Tweeners Book Chats
      - Also, need volunteers to present pre-packaged programs during school year.
      More information to come on the Fall Programs.
      Need a Friend volunteer to work with Dawn and Jill Bishop on the Library Board's Art 
2.   Fall MLA Conference - Depo in Minneapolis, September 22 is Friends Day.
      Will discuss registration at future meeting.
3.   Name Badges/Volunteer Badges.  Volunteer badges to be worn while working in Library,
      and will be kept in work room.  Motion to reimburse Cindy for supplies ($15.54) MSP by
      Ron, Janet.
Additional Business
1.  Librarian Report - Sandy submitted wish list:
     -  Children's DVD collection                                                 $400.00
     -  Summer Reading Program/Children's prizes and books      $ 30.00
     -  Mobiles and hangers for Children's Area                            $200.00
     -  Bulletin Board display materials                                       $200.00
     -  Additional Puppets for Puppet Tree                                   $200.00
     -  Books Carts (approx. $200 each - pending GRRL decision)
     Motion to purchase Summer Reading Program prizes and books, and Mobiles and
     hangers now , MSP (Ed, Julie).  After book sale we will look at remaining items on list.
     - Remember, Volunteer calendar is now on line.
2.  Library Board Report - Ron
     - June 16th - 10 a.m. Joan Allen will demonstrate ELM, a collection of data bases, using
       your Library Card. 
     - A defibrillator has been donated to the Library through Community Health 
     - The next Library Board Meeting will be in August.  
The next FOL meeting will be Tuesday June 14 at 7:00 p.m.  
Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Bonnie Gutzwiller