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Meeting Notes - March 22, 2005

March 22, 2005 - 7:00 p.m.
Meeting Minutes
Cindy Ahrens opened the meeting with 13 members present. 
The minutes of the January 11th meeting were read.  Motion MSP (Jean, Ed) to approve minutes.
Jean reviewed the Treasurer's Report to include Wal-Mart Grant, Dues, Expo Booth expenditure, and Author Event ticket sales. Motion MSP (Julie, Ed) to approve.
Unfinished Business
1. Business Expo - April 2nd  9-2
    - Set up will be Friday afternoon, with 2 hour shifts scheduled for Saturday.  Sign up 
      sheet was passed around.  Erla will call to remind workers.
    - FOL Banner will be hung
    - Displayed/for sale at booth will be:
       > FOL membership forms
       > Tickets for Author Event
       > Book Bags   
    -  Bookmarks instead of candy for handout.
    -  Marion will bring fish bowl & pencils for drawing.
    -  Sandy will ask GRRL to provide forms for drawing sign-up.
    -  Expo door prizes:
       >  T-Shirts
       >  Books
2.  Author Event April 8th
    -  Cindy spoke with the Annandale Advocate, and they will interview one of the speakers,
       Ellen Hart, for article on the event to be published March 30th.  Also, news releases will
       be sent to the Drummer, St. Cloud and Maple Lake.
    -  Need to check with Reichel's about putting a sign up on Hwy 55.
    -  Bonnie will send email to all FOL members, Julie will call non-email members to remind
       them about the April 4th deadline for the purchase of tickets.
    -  Tickets will be available for sale at the Business Expo.
    -  Decorations will be provided by Marion and Diane.  Set up Friday a.m.  Motion to
       authorize up to additional $50 for flowers MSP (Ed,Julie) approved. (For a total of up to 
       for decorations).
    -  Marion will call Reichel's to coordinate tables, including author tables, book signing   
       table, book sale table, ticket table (will call tickets and fish bowl for drawing) 
    -  Muriel has arranged to borrow a school PA system.
    -  Door Prizes:
       >  2 gift certificates from Thayer Bed and Breakfast
       >  2 tickets from HCL for May 19th Isabel Allende program
    -  Sign up sheet for workers for the night of the event was passed around.
    -  Discussion for next year's author event on hold for later meeting.
3.  Book Sale - July 2, 8-3
     -  Room is booked
     -  Donated books will be accepted during the month of June only
     -  Need volunteers to sort - Community Room is booked for 7/1 after 1:00 to set up.
     -  Need additional 6' and 8' tables.
     -  Disposition of books not sold:  St. Cloud needs donations
     -  Further discussion at May and June meetings.
New Business
1.  Friends Workshop on Wednesday March 23rd in St. Cloud
     -  Information to be presented on Book Sales, and the appraisal of valuable books.
     -  Suzanne Miller, director of library services will speak
     -  Cindy, Julie, Erla, Bonnie will attend.
2.  Legislative Day Recap   
     -  Enjoyable and informative day for Sandy, Julie and Erla.  Julie talked with our Governor
        and gave him her "Library button".   She said he was very receptive and positive toward
        bill involving library funding.  If we have a concern, hand written notes and envelopes
        carry more weight than forms or emails.  They also ran into Al Franken.  Thanks to the
        St. Cloud Friends for transportation and for paying the fee for the day!
3.  Library Board Meeting
     -  Jill Bishop requested a Friend volunteer for the Art Committee.
     -  Dawn Schaefer Stumpf is looking for Friends' volunteers for summer programs.  More
        discussion at future meetings.
4.  Librarian's Report
     -  Sandy demonstrated a new Volunteer Calendar she has developed.  If you would like to
        volunteer, please check with Sandy, and she will give you the website information.  By 
        using this new tool, volunteers can check to see when help is needed, and Sandy will
        be able to check to see which volunteers she can expect on any given day.
5.  Next Meetings
     -  April 5th, 10:00 a.m. at Library to finalize Author Event plans.
     -  May 10th, 7 p.m.
     -  June 14th, 7 p.m.
 The motion to adjourn MSP ( Ed, Diane) was approved at 8:50 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Bonnie Gutzwiller