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Meeting Notes - November 9, 2004


November 9, 2004 7:00 p.m.
Meeting Minutes

  1. Cindy Ahrens opened the meeting with 16 members present. Review of October 12 meeting action items:
    --Purchase of flat monitor for standing staff work station and printer for seated check out station has been approved by the Library Board for up to $800
    --Author event: Muriel had contacted Reichel's and Cindy followed up to confirm the booking; MN Crime Wave authors have been booked for April 8, 2005
    --Deanna Larson Usborne Book Fair was denied for the Annandale Holiday Craft Sale
    --GRRL Advocacy Training very successful, excellent response from visitors to the new library, great refreshments from In Hot Water
    --Friends reorganizationCindy sent an e-mail asking for additional volunteers, Cindy met with bank about requirements to open an account, need to work on process for becoming a 501(c)3.
    --Sandy Otto and Barb Lundberg gave an update on the new GRRL computer system.

  2. Author Event Update
    Date: Friday, April 8, 2005, 6:00 p.m.
    Authors Booked: Minnesota Crime Wave (4 mystery writers: Ellen Hart, Carl Brookins, William Kent Krueger, and Deborah Woodworth)
    Location: Reichel's (booked, need to request deposit from LibBd)
    Menu: pasta, tomato sauce, meatballs, salad, bread, bars.
    --Cost of tickets Decided that tickets would be sold for $15 for Friends members and $18 for non-members; would hope to sell between 150-200 tickets.
    --Volunteer committee: planning, decorations, book sales, tickets, publicity, etc.
    Volunteers for decorating: Marion Nelson & Diane Shoberg. Cindy will send out call for additional volunteers for other tasks.
    --Volunteers: look up all author titles for booklist; may prepare list of titles in GRRL system to help publicize the event.
    --Book Sales: Cindy will contact the Buffalo Bookstore about possibility of ordering & selling book titles of authors both before the event and during the event.

  3. Library Volunteers
    Cindy reminded all that Friends are responsible for taking the initiative and contacting the library. Call ahead to schedule volunteer time so work can be ready and staff can plan. Need: shelving, pulling holds, calling reserves, other duties as needed. Sandy will provide training as needed and identified. The Library really needs our help.

  4. Library Wish List
    Since the Library Board has allocated funds for purchase of two of the items Librarian Sandy Otto listed at the October meeting, the Friends agree that request should be made to Improvement Club for $1,200 for an additional PAC (catalog computer), either to be placed at the table or at a stand up station.
    Cindy and Sandy will work on the request to Improvement Club.

  5. Reorganization of Friends
    --Bylaws Draft was prepared for discussion; after review and discussion, Ed Groop moved approval, Diane Shoberg seconded, unanimous approval.
    --Election of officers Nominations were taken from those present and the following were elected by acclamation:
    President: Cindy Ahrens
    Vice President: Ed Groop
    Secretary: Bonnie Gutzwiller
    Treasurer: Jean Peterson
    --Committee Chairs needed call will be sent out for volunteers
    --Open bank account: Cindy & Jean will open account as soon as possible
    --Federal Tax ID #--Cindy has applied and received temporary number (needed for banking)
    --Cindy is trying to set up a meeting with Kimball Friends to find out about the 501(c)3 process.

  6. Other Announcements
    Reminder of Membership renewal for 2005.
    Book Sale options July 1 & 2, 2005: Need to talk to Thursday card players to see if we could set up early in the community room; if have sale all day Friday, need to work around the senior lunch hour; will announce donations can be accepted during month of June; will need to work with City for storage space and volunteers to come in and sort the materials prior to sale dates. Look at obtaining additional tables for the sale (from nearby churches?).
    Decision was made that e-mail meeting notification is appropriate for those with e-mail access (to save postage); postcard meeting notice will be sent to those without e-mail.

  7. Reminder of next meeting: Jan. 11, 2005

Submitted by Cindy Ahrens