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Library Board By-Laws



The name of the organization is the Annandale Area Public Library Board, which serves a volunteer leadership role for the Annandale Area Public Library, which is a branch of the Great River Regional Library System.


The primary purposes of the Annandale Area Public Library Board are to oversee the physical facility housing the library, and to promote the best possible use of all library resources.

Board Membership

Section 1: Number and Qualifications

The Library Board is composed of seven (7) members as appointed by the City Council, at least four (4) who shall be residents of the city of Annandale.

Section 2: Term of Office

The initial Board shall consist of three (3) members holding office until December 31, 2004; two (2) members holding office until December 31, 2005; and two (2) members holding office until December 31, 2006. Thereafter, the term of office of Board members shall be three (3) years. A member may serve two (2) full three-year terms. All terms shall end with the fiscal year.

Section 3: Disqualifications, Vacancies

Any Board members who is a city resident and moves out of the city limits of Annandale shall be responsible for notifying the city administrator. Upon receipt of such notification, the position shall be declared vacant. When any member fails to attend at least three (3) consecutive meetings of the Board, the Board may declare the position vacant. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to notify the city administrator of the vacancy. The nominating committee (see Article 3 Section 6) will then recommend names of persons who may qualify to fill the position.

Section 4: Officers

Officers of the Board shall be a President, a Vice-President, and a Secretary. Officers shall be elected at the regular annual meeting (see Article 3 Section 6) for one-year terms. Vacancies in office shall be filled by vote at the next regular meeting of the Board after the vacancy occurs.

The duties of the officers are as follows:

Section 5: Ex-officio Members

The Librarian may serve as an ex-officio non-voting member. The Board may also appoint individuals from the community to serve as non-voting members.

Section 6: Nominations

A nominating committee of three shall be appointed by the Board at the annual meeting in January to serve in this capacity for one calendar year.

The duties of the nominating committee will include:


Section 1: Funds

The Library Board shall have exclusive control of monies collected for, or placed to the credit of, the library fund. All monies received for such library fund shall be paid into the City of Annandale treasury, credited to the library fund, accounted for separately from other monies, and paid out only upon itemized vouchers approved by the Board. The city administrator shall be the treasurer for the Library Board, but shall not be a member thereof.



Section 1: Meeting Schedule

The Library Board shall meet monthly or on such other regular basis as the Board determines. A regular meeting may be cancelled by the President or Vice President if there is insufficient business.

Section 2: Annual Meeting:

The Board shall hold its annual meeting in January for the purpose of electing officers and reviewing by-laws. Notice shall be sent to members prior to the meeting. At the annual meeting, a majority vote of those present is sufficient to transact business, except for the purpose of adopting amendments to the bylaws, which requires a majority vote of the entire Board.

Section 3: Special Meetings

Special meeting of the Board may be called by the President, or upon request of three (3) members, for the transaction of business as stated in the meeting request. Notice stating the time and place of any special meeting and the purpose for which it is called shall be given to each member of the Board in advance of the meeting.

Section 4: Quorum

A quorum for transaction of business shall consist of a simple majority of members of the Board.



The President shall appoint committees for study of special problems as the need arises.

Great River Regional Library

The Annandale Board will make its concerns for quality library service known to the governing Board of the Great River Regional Library, but shall not have direct control over the operations of the library.


These by-laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Board with a majority vote of the entire Board roster, providing the amendment was stated at the preceding meeting.

These by-laws shall be in force upon adoption by the Annandale Area Public Library Board on the __17th_ day of _February_, 2005.

     Sally Smith                         Ron Remington      
Secretary President