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Annandale Area Public Library
Donation Policy

The Library Board accepts donations that meet the following criteria:

  • The Library reserves the right to refuse any donations.
  • All donations must be given on a "no strings attached" basis.

Financial contributions:

Financial donations are preferred to all other contributions. Financial gifts designated to purchase specific titles or materials related to a specific topic or media type (ex. DVD's or books on gardening, travel, etc), will be accepted if the request meets circulation selection criteria.

Material Contributions:

  • Books/Materials - Donations must meet circulation selection criteria and overall vision and direction of the library.
  • Furniture - Donations of new or used furniture will not be accepted unless approved by the Library Board.
  • Technology Donations of used hardware or software will not be accepted.

The Library Art Committee, a sub-committee of the Library Board, has created a policy specifically for the donation of art:


Mission :

  • To enhance the appearance of the library using art

  • To broaden library patrons' artistic experience

  • To support local artists by displaying their art

Policies regarding displayed art: 

  • The library will have no permanent art collection.

  • Art donations will not be accepted.

  • Artists wishing to see their work displayed should contact the librarian who will direct the inquiry to the Library Art Committee, a three-member committee appointed by the Library Board.




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