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Improvement Club
Bylaws & Guidelines
revised October, 2015


August 6, 2015



This association shall be known as the ANNANDALE IMPROVEMENT CLUB.



The purpose of this club shall be the improvement of the city and thereto for the benefit of the Annandale area in general.  Primary priority shall be given to beautification of the city and support of the library along with the welfare of and educational opportunities for our community.



Section 1 - The Annandale Improvement Club is a 501 (c) 3 not for profit corporation and is incorporated in the State of Minnesota.

Section 2 – The mailing address is P.O. Box 207, 30 Cedar St. E., Annandale, MN   55302.



Section 1 – Anyone interested in the purpose of this club may become a member upon paying annual dues.

Section 2 - No officer, committee chair, or member of this organization shall publicly state any policy, enter into any agreement or otherwise obligate this organization except upon authority of the general membership [notwithstanding Article V, Section 5].



Section 1 – The Executive Board (also referred to as the Board) is made up of the Officers of this club.

Section 2 – Board members are responsible to read and understand the Bylaws of this organization.

Section 3 – The Board will present an annual budget to the club.

Section 4 – The Board shall hold at least two meetings per year.  Meetings shall be at such dates, times, and places the Board shall determine.

Section 5 – Board members, with a majority vote, have the authority to approve expenditures up to $200 and such expenditures will be reported to the membership.



Section 1 – The Officers of this club shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Officers shall be elected for a one-year term.  They may be re-elected, but may not hold the same office for more than two successive years.  Two club members may share an office as Co-Officers.

Section 2 – Duties of Officers

a.      The President shall prepare and preside at all meetings of the organization, including Board meetings, shall perform all duties pertaining to this office, and shall serve as ex-officio member of all committees.

b.      The Vice President shall preside at all meetings of the organization, including Board meetings, in the absence of the President.

c.      The Secretary shall record and maintain minutes of all meetings of the organization.  She shall handle correspondence and submit written monthly minutes to the President.

d.      The Treasurer shall maintain the financial records of the organization.  She shall annually prepare for and schedule an audit.

Section 3 – Officers shall be elected at the Annual Meeting.  A Nominating Committee of three shall be appointed by the President at the previous meeting.  The Nominating Committee shall present at least one candidate for each office, having previously obtained the candidate’s consent.  The President shall ask for additional nominations from the floor.  If there are two candidates for an office and/or additional nominations, the President shall appoint three election judges and the candidate with majority vote by written ballot shall be declared elected.

Section 4 – Newly elected Officers shall assume their respective duties at the close of the Annual Meeting.

Section 5 –Vacancies in an office shall be filled by appointment by the Executive Board. 



Each member of the Board shall disclose to other members of the Board any duality of interest or conflict of interest and make such a matter of record when the interest becomes a matter of Board action.  Any Board member having a possible duality or conflict of interest on any matter shall not vote or use her personal influence on the matter, and shall not be counted in determining the quorum of the meeting.  The minutes of the meeting shall reflect that the disclosure was made.



Section 1 – The Annual Meeting of this club shall be held on the first Thursday of May.

Section 2 – The regular meeting[s] of this club shall be held on the first Thursday of the month.  Exceptions can be addressed by the Board. 

Section 3 – A special meeting may be called by the President with the approval of the Board or by petition of one fourth of the membership, notice having been given to all members.



Section 1 – The Standing Committees shall be:  Beautification, Fundraising, Library, Program, Honorary Membership, and Membership Directory.

a.       The Beautification Committee shall enhance green space in Annandale.

b.       The Fundraising Committee shall raise funds to promote the purpose of the club.

c.       The Library Committee shall facilitate the club’s support of the Annandale Library.

d.       The Program Committee shall organize the speakers, programs, and special events for the monthly meetings.

e.       The Honorary Membership Committee shall determine eligibility of potential Honorary Members.

f.        The Membership Directory Committee shall be responsible for distributing and editing the Membership Directory.

Section 2 –Standing Committee Chairs shall present project plans to the Board for inclusion in the Annual Budget.

Section 3 – A short term committee may be appointed by the Board for a specific purpose.



The fiscal year shall be from April 1st through March 31st .



Section 1 – An Annual Budget shall be prepared by the newly elected Board after the Annual Meeting and presented for approval on or before the August meeting.  Standing Committee Chairs shall be contacted for submissions to the Budget.

Section 2 – Dues are collected annually as directed by the club Guidelines.

Section 3 – At the Annual Meeting the President shall appoint two members to audit the books of the Treasurer and give a report at the June meeting.

Section 4Emergency funds of $500 shall be kept in reserve by the Treasurer.

Section 5 – Financial donations shall be limited to the scope of our purpose and exclude monetary support of unrelated non-profit organizations.



At any meeting, one fourth of the dues paying membership shall constitute a quorum.



The rules contained in the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the Club.



Section 1 – The whole of these Bylaws, or any portion thereof, may be amended by two-thirds vote of the quorum with due notice of intended change having been given at the previous regular meeting.

Section 2 – The Bylaws shall be reviewed annually by a committee appointed by the President at the Annual Meeting.



The Articles of Incorporation may be amended with the authorization of two-thirds vote of the quorum with due notice of intended change having been given at the previous regular meeting.


Submitted August 2015

These guidelines are in place to ease the transition of officers and to help members understand and be aware of procedures practiced.  The guidelines may be changed with a majority vote of the members present.


  1. The annual dues for members of this club shall be $25, payable at the April meeting, with the exception of Honorary Members who are exempt from dues.  A member is deemed in arrears if not paid by June 30th.  A member found in arrears the second year will be notified by the Secretary and, if no response is received, will be removed from the membership roll.
  2. Members are responsible to inform the Secretary of meeting or event attendance and once a commitment is made, payment of all associated fees is required.



Ø  Become acquainted with proper parliamentary procedures and conduct the business meeting accordingly.

Ø  Update any corrections/additions to the Bylaws and Guidelines from the past year and maintain past versions of these documents.

Ø  Submit Form 990-N yearly in April to the IRS to renew non-profit status.

Ø  Communicate with monthly hostesses regarding meeting responsibilities.

 Vice President

Ø  Chair the Program Committee.

Ø  Chair the Honorary Membership Committee, maintain a list of Honorary Members, and submit the current list to the program committee after the Annual Meeting.

Ø  Be aware of totes/history kept at the Annandale State Bank and add materials as warranted.


Prepare a report for the Annual Meeting which includes the activities of the club for the past year and list the monthly voluntary donations made by members to charitable donations.

Ø  Maintain the Yahoo email account, send out meeting notices, and communicate with the hostesses concerning meal reservations, caterer and venue.

Ø  Purchase a book for the Annandale Area Library, through the Great River Regional Library, in memory of a deceased member.

Ø  Provide nametag materials for the monthly meetings.

Ø  Send a reminder notice to members with financial obligations.


Ø  Collect all monies including dues, meal costs, fundraising, and other projects; deposit the funds in the club bank account.

Ø  Disburse club funds upon authorization.

Ø  Report on the financial condition of the club at regular meetings and provide the Secretary with a written report.

Ø  Prepare and present the annual financial report at the Annual Meeting.

Ø  Update and maintain the membership roster.

Ø  Report new members to the Membership Directory Committee and Board monthly.

Ø  Inform the Secretary of members’ financial obligations that are in arrears.

Ø  Maintain monthly and annual reports electronically and care for the clubs computer.


Beautification Committee

Ø  Submit a motion to the club to cover any additional funds or other support the Committee may need beyond the budgeted amount.

Ø  Plan the design of the round concrete planters and other garden spots in the city.

Ø  Invite interested community members to be on the committee and volunteer their time.

Ø  Order seasonal decorations for the beautification of downtown.

Fundraising Committee

Ø  Solicit ideas for fundraising projects from the membership and present fundraising opportunities and projects to the membership.

Ø  Inform members of fundraising progress.

Ø  Prepare a report to the President upon completion of a fundraiser project.

Library Committee

Ø  Communicate with the Annandale Area Public Library, the Annandale Friends of the Library, and the Annandale Library Board report on their needs and events.

Ø  Submit a motion to the club for any funds beyond the budgeted amount, or for other support the Library and Friends of the Library may need.

Program Committee

Ø  Chaired by the Vice President.

Ø  Meet after the Annual Meeting to plan programs and venues for monthly meetings for the upcoming year, assign the monthly hostesses, and determine the charitable organization for a voluntary donation from members.

Ø  Submit the program list to the Board for approval.

Ø  Prepare and distribute the program brochure to members.

Ø  Place a notice in the Annandale Advocate stating the time and location of the monthly meeting and describing the program highlights.

Ø  Confirm the program with the presenter a month before the meeting or event.

Ø  Arrange for the club’s audio visual equipment to be available at meetings.  Note: the equipment is not to be lent out.

Ø  Send thank you note to the speaker.

Membership Directory Committee

Provide each member with a Membership Directory containing member information and photo, and a copy of the Annandale Improvement Club Bylaws and Guidelines, and historical club information.

Ø  Provide pages to update each member’s directory in the fall.

Honorary Membership Committee

Committee is chaired by the Vice President.

Criteria for Honorary Membership in the Annandale Improvement Club

Ø  20 years of membership with health issues, upon request of a member.

Ø  40 years of membership, upon request of a member.

Ø  80 years of age or older, with 15 years of membership, upon request of a member.

Selection Process

Ø  Committee will review the roster and contact eligible members.

Ø  Honorary Members will be recognized at the Annual Meeting.

Ø  The Vice President shall keep a running list of Honorary Members and submit the entire list to the Program and Membership Directory Committees at the Annual Meeting.


Ø  Call members not notified by email with meeting details and record meal reservations.

Ø  Communicate with the Secretary concerning meal reservations, caterer and venue.

Ø  Check members in at the membership meeting.

Ø  Submit the confirmed attendance and check-in lists to the Treasurer.


Ø  Whenever possible all purchases needed for projects or special events should be purchased within the Annandale area.

Ø  Upon completion of a project, the project chair shall submit a written report to the President and submit a detailed financial report to the Treasurer.

Ø  The expense of fieldtrips and special events shall be the responsibility of those attending.