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Members of Buzzell Post #24

The G.A.R (Grand Army of the Republic) was comprised of men who fought in the Civil War to preserve the Union. The local post was originally formed March 28th, 1883 as the F. M. Johnston Post #24 in Fair Haven Minnesota; they eventually changed their name to the J. L. Buzzell Post #24.  The eleven charter members were: Buster B. Furwell, William H. Stinchfield, Mack Jarvis Kennedy, Charles Neil, John H. Bliler, Marion F. Johnston, R. R. Sargent, Jotham L. Buzzell, Alonzo Spaulding, F. M. Teitjen, Thomas J. Cadwell.

This list was compiled by Brian Partridge from the original Post Descriptive Book, Lookout Circle Minutes, research from local records and newspaper clippings of the J. L. Buzzell Post.  Some names do not appear in the descriptive book but do appear in other articles; as members of the Post.  There are some names missing because they were not legible.


Post Book #        Post Member                    Rank @ Company

20                          John D. Abell                      Pvt. Co. H, 1st Minnesota Vols.

95                          J. Alsa                                  Pvt. Co L, 3rd Iowa

David T. Allen

12                          Wade Arbana                    Pvt. Co. D, 4th Regular Vols.


54                          George Bayless                 Pvt. Co. A, 25th Ohio Vols. Inf.

59                          John H. Baker                    Pvt. Co. E, 4th Minnesota Vols.

24                          Benjaman Barett              Pvt. Co. H, 1st Minnesota Regulars

                              Charlie Battis                    

77                          J. F. Becker                         Pvt. Co. E, 9th Iowa Cavalry

66                          Charles G. Belknap           Pvt. Co. A, 85th New York Inf.

27                          W. H. Betts                        Pvt. Co. D, 1st Wisconsin

70                          Jacob Biewens                  Pvt. Co. E, 19th Ill. Cavalry

5                            John H. Bliler                     Pvt. Co. K, 104th (?) Vols.

67                          M. T. Blowers                    Pvt. Co. F, 4th Michigan Inf.

                              William Boutwell

64                          Thomas L. Brown             Pvt. Co. F, 2nd Minnesota Cavalry

72                          John A. Buchite                 Pvt. Co. H, 15th Pennsylvania Cavalry

8                            Jotham L. Buzzell              Pvt. Co. K, 1st Maine Artillery


Post Book #        Post Member                    Rank @ Company

11                          Thomas J. Cadwell           Pvt. To Cpl. Co. D, 4th Minnesota

33                          Willis M. Cotton                Pvt. Co. F, 29th Wisconsin Inf.


39                          John J. Deford                   Pvt. Co. F, Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery

35                          Lorenzo Dobe                    Pvt. Co. G, 4th Minnesota

48                          Josiah H. Dunham             Pvt. Co. H, 9th Maine Heavy Artillery


36                          T. S. Farr                             Pvt. Co. K, 2nd Minnesota

31                          Alonzo Farnsworth           Pvt. Co. D, 2nd (?)

75                          Alex Fashant                      Served on gun boat Landmen/ Pvt. Co. B, 3rd Wisconsin

                              F. Fertgen                          

89                          F. B. Fisher                         Pvt. Co. L, 118th New York Inf.

1                            Buster B. Furwell              Pvt. Co. D, 4th Minnesota


90                          Charles H. Gille                  Pvt. Co. D, 43rd Wisconsin Inf.

22                          David Goodner                  Pvt. Co. K, 1st Minnesota Heavy Artillery

44                          Samuel A. Gordon            Pvt. Co. K, 11th Pennsylvania Inf.  Captured and escaped.

46                          J. N. Grafft                         Pvt. To Cpl., Co. E, 11th Indiana Inf.

25                          William H. Gritting            Pvt. Co. K, New York


68                          Joseph M. Hamilton         Pvt. Co. A, 1st Battery, Maine Infantry

98                          Warren Hastings               Heavy Artillery

56                          E. G. Hicks                          Pvt. Co. D, 4th Minnesota


19                          Lorenzo Johnston             Pvt. Co. F, 116th New York Vols.

6                            Marion F. Johnston          Pvt. Co. F, 116th New York Vols.


Post Book #        Post Member                    Rank @ Company

60                          S. C. Kemp                          Pvt. Co. E, 4th Maryland Inf.

3                            Mack Jarvis Kennedy        Pvt. Co. K, 1st Minnesota Vols.

15                          Edwin Kidder                      Cpl.  Co. D, 4th Minnesota

21                          Carlton E. Kimball             Pvt. Co. A, 134th New York Vols.


71                          Jacob Lambert                  Pvt. Co. I, 3rd Battery New York Light Artillery

86                          J. B. Lamson                      Pvt. Co. L, 2nd Minnesota Inf. / Co. L, 84th Ill.

14                          James Langdon                 Pvt. Co. G, 1st Minnesota Vols.

61/83                   J. H. Longsworth               Pvt. 2nd Minnesota Battery


69                          George A. Magoon          Pvt. 4th Maine Battery Light Artillery

80                          Robert L. Martin               Pvt. Co. F,1st US Vols. Inf.

50                          E. D. Mass                          Pvt. Co. H, 83rd Indiana Vols.

                              Francis Maurice

84                          Harvey G. McBride           Pvt. Co. C, 33rd Iowa

73                          Andrew J. McDonald        Pvt. Co. C, 2nd Minnesota

97                          Frederick S. Mears            Pvt. Co. E, 27th Indiana Vols. Inf.

79                          Onesine Miller                   Pvt. Co. E, Hatches Battalion

91                          Frank Moniea                    Pvt. Co. G, 4th Minnesota Inf.

74                          Francis Morris                   Pvt. Co. C, 2nd Minnesota

                              F. Morrison

16                          George T. Myden              Pvt. Co. F, 21st Ill. Vols.

29                          H. Meyers                           Sergeant


4                            Charles Neil                       Pvt. 4th Minnesota Vols.

76                          William Nicholson            Pvt. Co. G, 51st Pennsylvania Inf.

23                          Larry R. Niles                     Pvt. Co. K, 1st Michigan Rangers

                              Jerry Northard

Post Book #        Post Member                    Rank @ Company

43                          W. K. Nye                           Pvt. 25th Ohio Battery


63                          William Ogden                  Pvt. Co. C, 1st Wisconsin Cavalry


57                          Henry Pahe                        Pvt. Co. E, 36th Ohio Vols. / Co. B, 17th Ohio Vols.

53                          Charles G. Peabody          Pvt. Co. D, 4th Minnesota Re-enlisted 1/1/64

96                          William Ponsford              Pvt. Co. E, 8th Minnesota Vols. Inf.

55                          Ira Pirce                              Pvt. Co. K, 1st Mass.

17                          Charles W. Proctin           Pvt. Co. H, 20th Maine Vols.

                              A. Punger

                              J. H. Punhan


58                          D. C. Quigley                      Pvt. Co. D, 12th Iowa


                              Martin Ransom                 Pvt. Co. I, 4th Minnesota

81                          J. Rehaun                            Pvt. Co. H, 5th Wisconsin

30                          Adam Ringer                      Pvt. Co. H, (?)

92                          Curtis Rowen                     Pvt. Co. H, 119th New York Inf.

65                          Phineas S. Rudolph           Pvt. Co. A, 105th Pennsylvania Vols. Inf.


7                            R. R. Sargent                      Pvt. Co. K, 7th Vermont Vols.

                              M. P. Satterlee                 

                              Morris F. Shephard           Co. A, 1st Minnesota

51                          Abell Shohn                        Pvt. Co. A, 5th Wisconsin

9                            Alonzo Spaulding              Pvt. 2nd Minnesota Battery

28                          George W. Spaulding       Pvt. Co. K, 1st Minnesota

                              W. H. Stanley

62                          William O. Sterling           Pvt. Co. F, 88th Ohio Inf.

Post Book #        Post Member                    Rank @ Company

2                            William H. Stinchfield      Pvt. Co. E, 8th Minnesota

                              Abel Stram


18                          Albert A. Thayer Musician Co. H, 7th Minnesota  (Age 16)

10                          F. M. Teitjen                      Pvt. To Capt. Co. E, 68th Pennsylvania

94                          Lewis J. Thomas                Pvt. Co. L, 3rd Iowa

                              W. W. Tonner

34                          William H. Towle              Pvt. Co. K, 86th Ohio / re-enlisted 4th Ohio Inf.

40                          John Tufts                          Pvt. Co. D, 4th Minnesota Vols.


85                          Peter F. Vally                     Pvt. Co. F, 11th Ill. Inf.

                              Leo Vandervort

47                          G. W. Vandeverter           Pvt. Co. E, 2nd Michigan Inf. / 2nd Leut. Co. D, 2nd Michigan Inf.

88                          Charles A. Vredenberg     Pvt. Co. E, 8th Michigan Inf.


26                          Thaddeus Wadworth       Cpl. Co. H, 1st Minnesota Heavy Artillery

38                          Albert Waktik                    Pvt. Co. D, 4th Minnesota

49                          George W. Walters          Pvt. Co. B, 1st Ohio Light Artillery

                              L. H. Weber

45                          Levin H. Webster              Pvt. Co. F, 20th Wisconsin Inf.

13                          A. J. Whitney                     Pvt. To Leut. Co. D, 4th Minnesota Vols.

32                          Charles B. Whitney           Pvt. Co. F, 1st Ill. Vols.

                              L. K. Wiles

                              Henry Pap Wood