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Cedar Lake
(Articles from the Annandale Advocate except where noted.)
Compiled by the Annandale History Club Secretary


March 25, 1954:  The final architect’s drawing for Camp Courage, the new Easter Seal Camp for Crippled Children to be built at Cedar Lake, Annandale, have been approved.  Troy Jambeck, Camp director, reviewed the layout of the new cabins.  New specially designed cabins will house handicapped children from all over Minnesota.

July 1, 1954:  Gov. C. Elmer Anderson, Glenn Cunningham, famed trackman of the ‘30s, and Miss Minnesota will form a pick and shovel crew on July 7 for the Minnesota Society for Crippled Children at groundbreaking ceremonies for a new camp for handicapped youngsters.  The camp, to be known as Camp Courage, is on Cedar Lake between Maple Lake and Annandale.

July 12, 1956:  Many attend Camp Courage Dedication. Rainy and cold weather of Sunday failed to dampen the enthusiasm of a thousand or more people who gathered at Camp Courage, Cedar Lake, to witness the day’s event.  The day marked the dedication of Minnesota’s new Camp for Crippled Children.

Nobel Shadduck of Annandale, chairman of the Camp Courage committee opened the program, and remarked about the establishing of the Camp and construction of the buildings.  George Grim, Minneapolis Tribune columnist, was master of ceremonies.  Rev. L. Donald Bond of Mankato, the president of the Minnesota Society for Crippled Children and Adults, gave the invocation.

2013 Wright County Plat Map:  Children’s Disability Service Association (Camp Courage) has 119 acres on the east side of Cedar Lake.

November 6, 2013:  Camp Courage at Cedar Lake, founded in 1955, and Camp Friendship at Clearwater Lake, started in 1964, joined together November 19, 2012, to augment the services they provide.  This month the camps and three affiliate locations unveiled their new parent company name, True Friends.


1867:  David Heberling had a water-powered saw mill at the outlet from Cedar Lake to Clearwater Lake.  At the time, the stream was called Warner Creek.

August 2, 1900:  Just east of Van Dykes, A.N. Dellinger of St. Paul has built a model summer home which he calls Cottage Home.  The Dellingers spend the summers, hosting many guests.   

June 20, 1907:  One of the neatest and coziest cottages put up this spring is being completed on Cedar Lake, just west of the Geo. Wells place.  The building is being built for W.M. Stone, one of the popular jewelers of Minneapolis.  The building is being built in the bungalow style, roomy and original in design

October 2, 1941:  Cedar Lake Level to be Controlled.  The citizens of Annandale and the Cedar Lake cottage owners with the cooperation of the Wright County Commissioners and the State Conservation Department are sponsoring the construction of a box culvert and control at the outlet of Cedar Lake.  This culvert will be 44 feet long, 6 feet high, and 10 feet wide and will be constructed at a site to conform with the relocation of the highway past Cedar Lake.  The work will be done by the Maple Lake C.C.C. Camp.

December 28, 1988:  A truck and trailer belonging to Mares Excavating of Annandale broke through the ice of Cedar Lake, ending up on its side in about eight feet of water approximately 10 feet from shore.

July 7, 2014:  Area Lakes battle milfoil growth – Another area lake that only recently became a host to Eurasion milfoil is Cedar Lake.  This is the third year of treatment on Cedar, and Mike Hankee, president of the Cedar Lake Conservation Club, reported that the lake has approximately 32 acres of known milfoil concentrations after professional weed mapping was done late last year.  Professionals were hired to treat the milfoil.


May 20, 2015:  Cedar Lake property owners are hoping to see an improvement to the lake’s water quality now that a limestone rock filter to the creek connecting Cedar and Swartout lakes has been installed near Highway 55.   The Clearwater River Watershed District has been working toward that end since 2006.





Van Dyke’s Resort, c.1900; Well’s Cottage Grove Resort, 1903; Mear’s Resort, 1908; Geardink’s Resort,

1946-2010.  Charlie and Ella Geardink worked at Mear’s resort since 1937 before purchasing it in 1946.

 Geardink’s was the last resort on Cedar Lake, and the last resort of an estimated 50 resorts in the

Annandale area.


1901 Corinna Township Plat Map:  G. Van Dyke, 34.80 acres.


Gerret and Cordelia “Delia” Van Dyke (originally Van Dyk) and son Alfred immigrated from Amsterdam

in the latter part of the 1880s.  They settled between Kimball and Kingston, later moving to the north

shore of Cedar Lake.  Fishermen started coming.  They took meals in the Van Dyke’s home.  Small

cabins were built for sleeping quarters and an ice house, and it became known as the Van Dyke Resort.

Delia Van Dyke and hired girls worked hard making and serving meals.  There was always an “ice cream

day” when homemade ice cream was cranked.  Due to Delia’s failing health, the resort was traded for a

farm a few miles away, where they lived for many years.


Once 50 news carrier boys stayed for a week.  There weren’t enough sleeping quarters, so they arrived in

a sleeping car that was stationed on a siding in Annandale.  (Information from Ethel Van Dyke)


Gerret Van Dyke (1848-1917); Cordelia Van Dyke (1860-1948; Alfred Van Dyke (1888-1952)       



May 18, 1905: Cottage Grove Resort, George E. Wells, Proprietor.  On Cedar Lake; fishing, boating, bathing.  Three Lakes near.  Write for terms.

History of Wright County, 1915 -- Page 357:   In April 1908, George E. Wells (1862-1914) sold to F.S. Mears his resort on the north bank of Cedar Lake. Mr. Wells established Cottage Grove Resort in Section 15, Corinna Township, on land purchased circa 1903 from Mr. Van Dyke.  Note: The 1901 Wright County plat map shows the Van Dyke Resort.   

Mears Resort: “The resort has ten cottages, with 22 rooms, accommodating 50 people.  The porches are screened and the rooms are all well furnished.  When the state hotel inspector examined the place, he declared that the cottages were in the best of condition, and that the sanitation was the best that he had seen.  The place is five miles from Annandale and seven miles from Maple Lake.  Its table is of the best, most of the food served being raised on the place.  In the summer season the place is thronged and Mr. Mears cannot accommodate many of the people who apply.”

June 23, 1910:  Written by a guest from Faribault who enjoyed his stay at Mear’s Resort: “For $8 per week you are entitled to one of the cottages completely furnished, with No. 1 board at the dining hall, a fine row boat, fishing tackle and bait.”    

Excerpts from a 2013 letter from Bill DeCoursey, Sr.  -- Frederick S. and America “Matty” (Spillman) Mears were the founders and owners of Mears’ Cottage Grove Resort on Cedar Lake near Annandale.  Fred Mears (1841-1921) was a Civil War veteran (27th Indiana Volunteer Infantry).  He moved to Annandale from Rice County, Minn., about 1913 and ran the resort there until he died in 1921, at which time his widow turned the management of the resort over to her grandson, Fred DeCoursey, and his cousin, Mason Mears.  Fred DeCoursey sold his interest in the resort to his cousin, Mason Mears, about 1927, but the family continued to spend much of their summer months at the resort throughout the 1930s.  Mears resort was purchased by the Geardinks about 1937 (sic).

1931 Wright County Plat Map:  Mears’ Resort, Charles B. Mears, 26 acres, Section 15.  Mother America Mears.  America Mears, age 88, died in April 1935 at Annandale, Corinna Township.

1943:  A water wheel in the lake at Mear’s Resort was a draw in the resort advertising.      


Charlie and Ella Geardink worked at Mears Resort since 1937, purchased it in in 1946, and changed the resort’s name to Geardinks.

December 1980:  Charles Geardink (1897-1980) died Dec. 19 at age 83.   He married Ella Bublitz September 21, 1938, in Clear Lake. He moved from Clear Lake, S.D., to Annandale in 1932.  He worked as a realtor and resort owner and operator for 42 years. He served in the Army in World War I and was a member of World War I Barracks of Annandale.

July 8, 1987:  Resort guests share memories – Lynn and Russ Vetsch met at Geardink’s 12 years ago.  Last Saturday, their business, Russell’s of Course Restaurant & Lounge, St. Michael, catered the Geardink’s Resort’s 50th anniversary reunion.

1988 – Annandale Centennial Book – Charlie and Ella Geardink owned and operated Geardink Resort on Cedar Lake.  It included 18 cottages, a dining hall, and 32 boats.  They began 50 years ago to serve the public.  After Charlie died in 1980, Ella continued to greet and care for the needs of the summer guests.

History Club presentation notes, February 2002:  Ella Geardink (1917-2010) spoke to the Annandale History Club in February 2002.  1937 rates were $2.50 per day per person.   She told of the hard work at the resort.  The resort offered maid service and meals.  They served chicken dinner every Sunday, butchering the chickens Saturday night.  In 2002 she had sold all but five cabins.     

June 8, 2005:  Ella Geardink, named Wright County’s Outstanding Senior Woman for 2005, prepared to open her resort for the 67th year.  The selection committee cited her work with the Kiwanis Club, youth, visiting friends and neighbors in need, the Cedar Lake Association, the aquatic exercise program at Camp Courage, the Annandale Area Community Food Shelf and her church.

Star Tribune, May 30, 2008: “Geardink’s Resort on Cedar Lake near Annandale, Minn., at one time rented 32 (sic) cabins to summer visitors.  Today 71 years after the resort first opened its doors, only four cabins remain.  ‘The resort business is nothing anymore,’ said Ella Geardink, 90, who still operates the resort she and her late husband purchased in 1937 (sic).  “Years ago, there were 50 resorts near here.  I’m about the only one left.  It’s a rewarding life, but a hard life.”

June 30, 2010: “Remembering Ella – Longtime owner of Geardink’s Resort dies at age 92 – Ella Geardink (1917-2010) died June 22 two weeks short of her 93rd birthday.  Geardink began working at Mears’ Resort on the north side of Cedar Lake in 1937, and met her husband, Charley, there.  They were married in 1938 and in 1946 bought the property and renamed it Geardink’s Resort, which she continued to run after his death in December 1980.  The resort was her life.”


May 18, 1905:  Gordon’s Resort – Two and one-half miles from Annandale.  Finest fishing grounds, good bathing.  Rates: day $1.50; week $6.50.  S.A. Gordon

1870:  History of Wright County, 1915 -- Page 356.    Spruce Grove Resort was established in 1903 on the west side of Cedar Lake by Samuel A. Gordon (1843-1914), Civil War veteran from Pennsylvania.  In 1870 Samuel Gordon came to Wright County and bought 200 acres in Section 27, Corinna Township.  In 1903 Mr. Gordon began to take a few boarders, and there soon came a demand that he open a regular summer resort.  In 1915 the resort had three double cottages and two single cottages, while the meals were served at the main farm house.

Information from Marilyn Gordon:  The land and resort passed from Samuel Gordon to his wife Mathilda Gordon.  Their only child, son William Gordon, conducted the farm for a short time before moving to Big Fork, Minn.  After Mathilda’s death in December 1930, the farm and resort passed to William’s son, Bruce Gordon, and wife Myra.  They farmed and ran the resort for awhile and then passed the land to their youngest son, Donald Gordon (1921-1968) and wife Gladys (Converse).  They owned the big farm house and cottages. Donald’s widow, Gladys, eventually sold to Gunnerson, Ferrell and Roth, who platted and sold lots in a development called Cedar Acres.  There are one or two original cabins still standing.  The resort closed in 1931.  Marilyn’s father, Earl Gordon (1890-1956), owned a farm one-half mile away.

1931:  Since the death of Mrs. Gordon, the resort has not been carried on.


1902:  History of Wright County, 1915 -- Page 358:  In 1902 George E. Wells (1862-1914) came to Wright County and purchased the old 138-acre Emmanuel Smith farm in Section 15, Corinna Township.  A little over a year later, Mr. Wells purchased the Van Dyke place of 38 acres in the same section, just west of the Smith farm and located on the north bank of Cedar Lake.  (The 1901 Wright County plat map shows the Van Dyke Resort on this property.)  Here George Wells established the famous Cottage Grove Resort, which he sold to F.S Mears in 1908.  He then moved back to the Emmanuel Smith property and built an ideal summer home.  He laid out beautiful lawns, parked the woodlands, and erected a large substantial dwelling and five roomy cottages.   Mr. Wells also laid out a pleasant bathing beach and secured an excellent fleet of boats for rowing and fishing.  People flocked here in large numbers….

Cottage Grove Resort – 5 miles from Annandale.  Reached by livery.  1,400 feet of lake shore, cottages 30 feet from water.


1909:  George Wells has decided to start in on a new and larger scale and has let contracts for the erection of a new $6,000 lake hotel and 20 cottages to be equipped in the most modern way in every respect with heating plants and gas lights.  J.D. Heaton has the contract for the construction work and the buildings are to be completed by June 1, 1910.  L.R. Ritchie will put in the heating and gas plants.

1914:  After the death of her husband, George. in 1914, Mrs. Lizzie Wells (1870-1954)) carried on the farm and the resort.

1918 Wright County Atlas:  Mrs. Lizzie Wells, owns 97.85 acres, Section 22, 80 acres, Section 15, Corinna Township.  Children:  Velma, Nellie, Genevieve, Melvin, Homer, Herbert, Hazel.

1964 Wright County Atlas:  Melvin G. Wells, Section 15.  Farmer.  Wife, Mildred.  Children:  Elouise, Ardis, Evelyn.  Apartments for rent.  (Melvin Wells remodeled the barn into the Cedar Lake Park

1975:  Melvin Wells built an authentic log cabin where his childhood home stood.

Melvin G. Wells (1902-1981); Mildred Sparks Wells (1903-1976).  Married in 1924.


1918: Corinna Township Plat Map:  Mrs. Sophia Myllykangas, 105.42 acres, Section 27.  Children:  Jennie, Julius, Martha, Mary, John, Albert, Alma, Hulda.

August 27, 1931:  Mrs. S. Myllykangas owns a farm of 105 acres on the west shore of Cedar Lake.  The Myllykangas family moved here 30 years ago when it was all timber.  A nice brick home has replaced the original log structure.  There are three cottages, each furnished for six people.  The swimming beach here is excellent.  Several picnic tables and a camp store are well furnished accommodations for extra campers, also a Finnish bath (sauna).   Mrs. Myllykangas and son, assisted by the former’s niece, Fern Nelson, take care of the farm and resort.

Julius A. Myllykangas was born in Finland and came to Annandale when he was five years old.  He farmed the Myllykangas land at Cedar Lake for 70 years, retiring in 1981.   

Henry Myllykangas (1862-1928), Sophia (Branson) Myllykangas (1868-1940).  Julius Myllykangas (1892-1985)


Reno’s Resort; Crescent Ridge Resort (1927-1970s), Ulrich Resort

1902 Corinna Township Plat Map:  William Reno owned property at Cedar Lake since at least 1902.  He sold his resort to Mr. and Mrs. August Kaiser in 1927. 

1918 Corinna Township Plat Map:  August and Amelia Kaiser. 10 acres, Section 27.  Children:  Leonard, Eugene, George. 

August 6, 1922:  M.O. Black was injured in a runaway and taken to the Reno home.  A physician was called who attended him.     

January 6, 1927:  W.E. Reno sold his Reno’s summer resort to Mr. and Mrs. August Kaiser.

June 13, 1929:  W.E. Reno of Minneapolis spent part of the week at Cedar Lake, where he disposed of several lake shore lots to Twin City people.


August 27, 1931:  Crescent Ridge is the former Reno summer resort.  Mr. and Mrs. August Kaiser purchased the resort from W.E. Reno in 1927.  The property consists of 12 acres and a long lake shore.  Part of the land is used for hay and pasture for cows, which furnish rich milk and cream for the cottages.  The resort is located on a ridge overlooking the lake from the east. They have nine neat cottages, each furnished for four people.  The cottages have well screened windows and porches, boat and ice go with each.  There are extra boats for campers and picnickers.  The business this summer will average over $100 per cottage, which is considered very good.

1966:  Crescent Ridge Resort, Royal Beckman, proprietor. Family resort, 6 cottages, central showers, sauna bath, store, camping, pontoon boats.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the Cedar Lake Conservation Club held many meetings at Crescent Ridge Resort.  The CLCC’s last meeting at Crescent Ridge was August 22, 1971.  The resort was sold to Joe Ulrich and became Ulrich’s Resort.  The Kohonen family purchased the land from Ulrich.  The resort was on the east side, south end of the lake.


1902:  Peter Green has sold his farm on Cedar Lake to parties who are to open another resort.  Note:  Plat map shows this land is owned by William D. McDonald.  Cedar Point is on this land. 

1918 Corinna Township Plat Map:  Frank Bakula, 94.60 acres, Oaklawn Resort.

August 22, 1929:  Frank Bakula owns the Oaklawn Resort on Cedar Lake.  There are six cottages.  The grounds are beautifully shaded.  Bakula has a 100-acre farm north of the Myllykangas farm.

Frank Bakula (1885-1963, Ruth Bakula (1896-1959)


Pinkertons owned a large amount of lake shore on the northwest side of Cedar Lake.  The resort was on Clearwater Lake.

May 18, 1905:  C.W. Pinkerton, Proprietor.  Both Clearwater and Cedar lakes.  Splendid fishing, boating and bathing.  Reasonable rates.


Miller’s Lakeview House, late 1880s; Shadduck’s Resort

1894:  Lakeview House. J.H. Miller’s former resort on Clearwater Lake.

 July 31, 1902:  Fred Shadduck’s is the old Miller place which has been known since it was Corners Store on the Clearwater and Kingston Road.  It extends back to Cedar Lake and puts guests on either lake for fishing and pleasure.  On account of its short distance from town, it is a central resort for fishermen and tourists.  Aside from the central building, a number of cottages have been erected and more are in demand.  A fine grove is at hand with its shade, and it is hard to escape a lake breeze let the wind blow as it may.

May 19, 1905:  Shadduck’s Resort - On both Clearwater and Cedar lakes, only three miles from Annandale.  Affords lake accommodations at very reasonable rates.

Taped interview with Ilex Shadduck:  Shadduck’s Resort was established by John Miller in the 1880s.  He was from Michigan.  He had a main house but never did a great deal of business.  The stage coach stopped at his front door and he had a store and post office in his main building. Fred Shadduck bought and improved it.  There was a small community there known as Lakeview. 

Fred Shadduck (1855-1942), Ida Shadduck (1864-1922; chjldren Ilex Shadduck (1901-1990), Nobel Shadduck (1904-1997).


Elmer and Viola Schroeder owned and operated Schroeder’s Resort on Cedar Lake for 18 years. Retiring in 1966.  They were residents of Cedar Lake since 1946.  They sold their land to Wright County Parks.

1966:  Schroeder’s Resort:  Family resort, 13 cottages, central showers, store, recreation room, good sandy beach, good fishing.

Elmer F. Schroeder (1905-1985), Viola Schroeder (c.1905-1995); children, Roger, Joyce and Richard.  



It is thought there were nine or ten resorts on Cedar Lake.  There may be others the writer hasn’t heard about.  There are no resorts on the lake in 2016. Geardink’s Resort was the last to close.


1915 Corinna Township Plat Map:  Joseph V. Segner: 80 acres Section 35, 80 acres Section 34.  Joseph Segner; wife Rose; children Cora, Ella, Andrew, George, Joseph; Lake Side Farm; Maple Lake Post Office. 

August 27, 1931:  Mr. Segner bought the Whitlock farm 35 years ago and has lived there since.  Mr. Segner has turned his farming operations over to his son, Andrew.  The Segner farm borders Cedar Lake and they may erect cottages later. 

April 13, 1933:  Joseph V. Segner Obit.  Joseph Segner was born in Stinbach, (Baden) Germany, February 14, 1867.  He came to this country with his parents when he was 14 years old. Mr. Segner began his career as a farmer in Minnesota, where he moved with his wife shortly after their marriage,  November 22, 1897.  Mrs. Segner was formerly Miss Rosalia Knott.

He was one of Wright County’s most successful farmers.  He became interested in the breeding of Brown Swiss cattle and owned one of the best herds in the state….

The Clearwater Watershed District constructed Segner Pond, a basin to store water coming from upstream lakes (Henshaw, Albion, Swartout) for treatment through a limestone filter berm.  The inlet from these lakes is on Segner land. 

 1956 Corinna Township Plat Map:  Part of the lakeshore is platted as Segner Shores.

 Joseph Segner (1867-1933)

Note:  James Segner (1940-2011) owner of Little Jim’s Sport Shop in Annandale since 1978, is Andrew and Bernice (Oberson) Segner’s son and Joseph Segner’s grandson.  Jim’s son, Kurt, is carrying on the business. 


Schroeder Regional Park and Camping Ground – The lakeside park features a 50-unit overnight campground with electric hookups and showers, an attractive swimming beach on 837-acre Cedar Lake, a playground, a hiking trail, picnic grounds with a shelter that can be reserved, volley ball court, a boat launch with dock, a fishing pier, fish cleaning facilities, a sanitary dump station, and modern restrooms with showers.  Schroeder Park is two miles northeast of Annandale off CSAH 39 on the north end of Cedar Lake.