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Annandale World War I Barracks 2804

Annandale World War I Barracks 2804

The following was compiled by the Annandale History Club secretary in May 2016.  Thanks to newspaper articles collected by Helen Olson (1923-1999) of Southside Township, information was found about an Annandale World War I veterans organization, World War I Barracks 2804.  Annandale World War I Barracks 2804 was a fraternal and patriotic organization similar to Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion.

4.7 million Americans served during World War I.  America’s entry into World War I came in April 1917.  World War I started July 28, 1914, and ended November 11, 1918.  United States casualties were 116,516 dead, 204,002 wounded, and 4,500 prisoners or missing.  The last U.S. veteran of World War I, Frank Buckles, died in 2011 at age 110 in West Virginia.

Annandale American Legion Post 176 was organized in September 1919.  The Annandale Veterans of Foreign Wars Nicka-Warner Post 3994 was organized in January 1945.  (Annandale men Leonard R. Nicka and William A. Warner were killed in action During World War II.)  Often Barracks members were also members of either the VFW or American Legion.

As Annandale’s World War I veterans passed away, so it seems did people’s memory of the once active patriotic organization, Barracks 2804.  Because of low membership and participation, Annandale American Legion Post 176 joined with Maple Lake American Legion Post 131 in 2010.  Annandale VFW Post 3994, unable to gain new members, sold its building in 1989 and joined with Maple Lake VFW Post 7664.

Annandale World War I Barracks 2804 

Annandale Advocate, February 22, 1945:  A group of veterans of World War I held a meeting in Annandale last week at which they decided to organize a barracks of the Veterans of World War I of the U.S.  There were 14 charter members.

Annandale Advocate, April 1973:  Excerpts from Joseph Johnson’s obituary:  Joseph Johnson served during World War I from August 18, 1917 to May 12, 1919.  He was with the 166 Infantry and 42nd Rainbow Division.  He fought in five battles: Aisne Marne, St. Mihiel, Meuse, Argonne, and the Defensive Sector…. Honorary pallbearers were buddies of Barracks 2804, where he had been a charter member, and Annandale American Legion.                                                                                                                               

Annandale Advocate, September 1975:  The Ladies Auxiliary of World War I Barracks 2804 met September 8.  A thank you card was read from _____ Carlson. 

To raise money for the treasury, it was decided that each member would donate a quarter in the month of her birthday.  It was voted to have a noon pot luck dinner Nov. 10 in honor of Veterans Day.  The Barracks will provide ice cream, rolls and butter.  All members are urged to attend the October meeting to make out a menu and pay dues.

Get well cards were signed by all and sent to Ida Nordstrom and Lars Olson.  Lunch committee for October:  Freida Stern and Ruth Willet.  The next meeting will be held October 13.  Lunch was served by Martha Holm and Agnes Kuemper.

Annandale Advocate, 1976:  FLAG POLE AND MONUMENT AT CITY HALL – The new flag pole and monument marker have been installed and the flag raised.  The monument marker was donated by the patriotic organizations, World War One Barracks, American Legion Post and Nicka-Warner VFW Post.  The flag pole was a project of the City Council.  Shown in the photo are:  Harvey Hawkinson, Bob Nordstrom, Walter Hokkanen, Henry Jokie, Arnold Schmidt, George Johnson, Val Lawler, Cliff Huikko, Jim Hill.  On the pole is Wm. McNellis, Jr. – Photo by Tom Fisher.

Annandale Advocate, July 1977:  Robert T. Nordstrom, 77, of Annandale died July 17.  He was a past Commander of World War I Barracks and member of Masonic Lodge and Nicka-Warner VFW.  He served in World War I 1917-1919.

OBITUARIES:  The following veterans’ obituaries mentioned membership in the Annandale World War I Barracks 2804. Other names will be added to the list as they are found.

Reuben T. Carlson (1896-1973)

Elmer J. Froyen (1898-1980)

Charles Geardink (1897-1980)

Emil A. L. Holm (1894-1976)

Ernest G. Holm (1896-1974)

Joseph Johnson (1894-1973)

Edward Marohn (1891-1969)

Edwin E. Nordquist (1896-1980)

Robert T. Nordstrom (1900-1977)

Lars A. Olson (1893-1975)

John F. Powers (1894-1977)

George A. Ridgley (1899-1974)

Henry Rozenberg (1896-1978)

William Westrup (1893-19??)


World War I Barracks 2804 Auxiliary

Clara Graupman (1896-1973)

Martha Holm

Agnes Kuemper

Ida Nordstrom

Ruth Willet